Life after Vacation

8.03.09 ~ L being playful, Punta Cana

We've been home for a week and life is back to our normal schedule (for the most part). If only the lazy and care-free feel of vacation could be bottle to be used as often as needed. In the week we've been home, L has cut three new teeth with one more about to break through and we've had to get her fitted for new shoes.

For L teething means needing more comfort and she get the typical teething symptoms...drooling, coughing, chin rash, BITING {her favorite, my finger}, less sleep and irregular bowel movements. L loves to bit my finger when she's teething. I won't mind so much if her teeth weren't so sharp. Dave will try to let L use his finger but she refuses it. She goes for mine.

L refuses to wear clothes and takes her shoes off at every opportunity. She kept whining about her shoes and so I suspected her shoes are getting tight. When we went to get her feet sized today I found out her right foot is 1 size better than the other. I loved the experience we had at Clarks. The clerk was very knowledgeable and L loved her shoes. She even seems to be running in them.

Now that we know L is a good little traveler, whether it's by land, air or sea. I'm ready for the next vacation. What makes L a good traveler is that she loves to explore new things. It was 10 days of new experiences for all of us. We started with a trip to New Jersey on Friday (July 31st) for Van and Tuan's wedding. We stayed at the Hilton Home Suites. It was a lovely place to stay. The only problem was they ran out of cribs for L. We had to get a cot for L (which worried Dave) so we had to pack the sides with all the extra pillows we had.

L before the wedding

The wedding was on Saturday, August 1st. As with most wedding day, time just flew. It was a beautiful ceremony and L loved dancing during the reception. She sat on the mini stage and danced. We left the reception early because our flight for Punta Cana left Boston on Sunday at 8:30AM. There are some perks when traveling with a toddler...especially at the security check in point {we were given the shorter line}.

L did really well on the plane and Punta Cana was so much fun. Dave and I were there before L was born, but being with 27 other people and L made it a different experience. L loved the water, especially on the catamaran, Tropical Storm. 27 loud and drunk people did not phase here. She wanted to feel and see the water.

Oh no or as L would say, "ahh nah", I've been working on this post for a week now. I'm going to end it now as the information in it is getting dated and just runs right into one another.

The guys at the "White Wedding"

The gals at the "White Wedding"


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