Weekend Update

7.4.09 ~ C&C's deck, Framingham

It was a wonderful 3 day weekend...for the most part. L woke up Friday with a fever which resulted in a skin rash which I think is roseola. L's temperature was back to normal by the next day and we headed to Maine to visit with Mimi and Ba Noi. L was a hit a the nursing home. Everyone stopped to see L.

In the afternoon we headed home and went across the street to C&C's for a BBQ. L is getting more comfortable around people. She will let people go near her without crying, screaming or scurrying to me or Dave. L must of had something that didn't agree with her at the BBQ. Dave brought her home to change her. They were gone for a while so I went home to check on them. Dave had just finished giving L a bath because she had pooped every where. While Dave finished dressing L, I scrubbed the rug where L had several accidents. I think she had too many cheese doodle which we don't give her when she's home. She has her own cheese puffs.

This weekend, L was quite adorable showing us she can use a napkin for something other than tearing it apart. She is now cleaning her hands, wiping her own face and the table after she eats. I'll have to post the video in another post.
7.4.09 ~ I want out, Maine

7.4.09 ~ L reading Ong Noi's maps. She love Ong Noi's chair with all the maps and Amtrak schedules, Maine

L & dad-te

L & Ben


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