Summer Fun

7.17.09 - L talking to her sunglasses before daycare. It's quite cute listening to her

Here are some photos from Crossroads, L's daycare center. I've enjoyed viewing the school's photos. I get to share in some aspect of L's day/week when I get to see these photos, even when I am working.

There's a weekly theme at Crossroads. All photos below are taken by Crossroads and includes photos from the week.

July - Week 1, Red & White

L waiting for her hands to be washed. She loves this part.

V& L, What could they be talking about?...My guess..."Share Lyla share."

L hanging out with the boys, A&A. They are already helping her.

July - Week 2, Food: On day 1 of week 2, L came home with a decorated sugar cookie. Dave and I each graciously offered up the cookie to one another. In the end it sat on the kitchen counter for a couple of days and then we had to file it. On pizza day, L wanted to eat the pizzas before they were even cooked.

L decorating her cookie

L making her pizza

L, "yum, that was good"

L loves the water table

Here are some ransom photos from the summer:
Lunch time!

L loves to read on her favorite couch


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