Shopping With a Toddler

7.12.09 ~ L testing her hearing protection headphones. You can really see the cheeks in them.

We're starting to pick things up for our Punta Cana trip and Van and Tuan's wedding so we've been shopping the last two days. Shopping has become an experience now that we have a toddler. This included ordering the headphones above just in case the plane get too loud and scares her.

On our first day, L sat still for a while and then got restless {I don't blame her}. I finally let her out of her stroller. I spent the rest of the shopping trip chasing her, pulling her away or making sure the other shoppers were not going to run her over. L likes eye level displays…having an array of new things to pick up and explore excites her. She looks at me and just grins. She could stand in front of the display and destroy it within seconds. When I tell her to come she inches slowly away from me {but, not to far from the display}. As soon I as get close enough to her she gets on her knees or sits thinking if she gets low I can't make her go. It’s a ritual when its time to get out of the bath tub as well {if I’m home early enough to give L a bath}. She scoots to the corner and does her version of a “sit-in.” The other thing she likes to do is make me chase her.

On our second day, L was well behaved except for when it was time for me to try on clothes. I thought it would be okay since she was confined to a dressing room. L found ways to satisfy her curiosity. I am baffled by L’s extreme curiosity, but cautious nature. She wants to see everything, but makes sure Dave or I are very close (holding her hands). L’s way of satisfying her curiosity is duck her head into the stalls next to us.

We’re also going through separation anxiety again. At home, it’s separation anxiety from Dave. When Dave is not in her view, she roams the house looking for him. If he’s not in any of the rooms, she goes for the kitchen door and tries to get it open. L is also crying when I drop her off at daycare. Dave did drop off on Friday and L cried. The teacher said, “She never does that with Mommy.” She did it with me this morning.

Below is a video I mentioned I would share in one of my earlier posts. L is wiping her hands and mouth. Lately, she just wants to wipe the table.


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