New Jersey Weekend

6-27-09 - L wanted to write at Aunt Van and Uncle Tuan's house, New Jersey

It's been a crazy few weeks and I don't think it will get any better until after Van's wedding. Sorry, the blogging has been slow. I have to first congratulation my nephew, Michael. He graduated from high school two weeks ago.

6.27.09 ~ L enjoying the chicken served at Wild Rice, Metuchen

We didn't have day care last week so Ba Noi came down to stay with L. L learned a new game...popping popcorn. She and Ba Noi would fill her sand pail with balls and L would shake it up and down. The balls would go flying and L would laugh. She can certainly entertain herself. Ba Noi had to head home early last week so I stayed home with L and got ready for New Jersey trip. We headed to NJ on Friday and the traffic there was horrific. L did a wonderful job in the car. She only complained when her diaper was full.

6.27.09 ~ The bride to be

We had a wonderful meal on Friday night at Wild Rice, my cousin Lisa's restaurant. The food was fantastic so if you're ever in Metuchen, New Jersey check out the food. Van's bridal shower was on Saturday. While L and I attended the party, Dave golfed with the boys. Saturday night we headed to Hobokon for dinner and to have a semi-bachelorette party for Van. The plans were changed last minute from Atlantic City to Hobokon since I didn't want to drive to Atlantic City. The traffic was much better on the way home.

The quilt I started last January and finished for the shower. My excuse for taking so long was L. The hand prints are of each of Van and Tuan's nieces and nephews.

One of the shower games was making wedding dresses out of the toilet paper. Can you guess which one was designed by the older women...second from the right? We had a designer gown, a nun outfit and a "slutty bride." I won't describe that dress. I think you can see what my cousin was wearing.

The bridal party minus Des.
The last two photos are from the week L was off from daycare. Our neighbor was having work done and L had to look. I turned away for one second and she had climbed on her chair and was looking intently at them. She uses her tippy toes a lot to look and get at things.

This last photo is L trying to get her shoes on. She is very independent. We're looking forward to some sun so L can start her swimming lessons at day care.

For those who would like to see some of Van and Tuan's engagement photos. They are fantastic. You can see them here.


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