Maine Weekend Update

7.18.09 ~ L with Ba & Ong Noi, Kennebunkport

We spent last weekend in Maine visiting with Ba and Ong Noi. It was the only weekend we were able to celebrate Ba Noi's birthday. One week tomorrow we'll be in New Jersey celebrating Van and Tuan wedding and then we'll be in Punta Cana the following week {celebrating again}. In Van and Tuan flare they're getting married again on the beach in Punta Cana.

Last Saturday, we celebrated Ba Noi's birthday with dinner at Bandaloop followed with a short walk through town so I could find a white dress for Van and Tuan's white party. On Sunday, we headed to Freeport for some shopping...finding water shoes for a toddler in July is harder than I imagined.

7.18.09 ~L being entertained with kitchen objects

This week had it's challenges as well. On Tuesday, I brought L to her doctor's walk in hours and L had impetigo and eczema. At first I thought the rash L had along her neck was heat rash...I was wrong. Hyrocortizone worked wonders on the irritated area. One day after we started using it, L's necked had pretty much cleared up. The impetigo {Ba Noi was correct on her diagnosis} is starting to clear as well. L has also been getting up at 5:30AM this week. We're not quite sure why because we're usually waking her up at 7AM. Something is definitely going on with her because she's also wants to cuddle more {which I am enjoying}. I love the mornings on the couch where L will want to come and just lay on my chest.

One good thing is it seems L's attachment issues with Dave is beginning to ease up. L is also beginning to testing us. If we tell her not to do something, she grins at us and proceeds to do what we tell her not too. One morning this week, I found L by the toilet. I told her to get away from it. She smiles at me and throws her sippy cup into it {it's as if she had been waiting by the toilet for me to come by}. I walk her out of the bathroom and she waddles off to find something else to keep herself entertained {current choices are remote control, bottle of lotion, her soft photo album and turning on and off the guest room tv}.

Yesterday, I had day care pick up. When I walked in the door I saw the 4 toddlers in the 4 child stroller. When I turned I saw L in her own stroller. I asked L if she was being anti-social today. Unfortunately, she had no choice. She was given her own stroller because she likes to pick on the other toddlers. Apparently, she is hitting and pinching the other toddlers {and finds it funny}. Her teachers also told me that while they were outside playing at the water table, L kept filling her cup with water and dumped the water on her friend F and then snickered. One of her teacher's quote was, "she knows exactly what she's doing."

7.19.09 ~ Dayton


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