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Maine Weekend Update

7.18.09 ~ L with Ba & Ong Noi, Kennebunkport

We spent last weekend in Maine visiting with Ba and Ong Noi. It was the only weekend we were able to celebrate Ba Noi's birthday. One week tomorrow we'll be in New Jersey celebrating Van and Tuan wedding and then we'll be in Punta Cana the following week {celebrating again}. In Van and Tuan flare they're getting married again on the beach in Punta Cana.

Last Saturday, we celebrated Ba Noi's birthday with dinner at Bandaloop followed with a short walk through town so I could find a white dress for Van and Tuan's white party. On Sunday, we headed to Freeport for some shopping...finding water shoes for a toddler in July is harder than I imagined.
7.18.09 ~L being entertained with kitchen objects

This week had it's challenges as well. On Tuesday, I brought L to her doctor's walk in hours and L had impetigo and eczema. At first I thought the rash L had along her neck was heat rash...I was wrong. Hyrocortizone wo…

Summer Fun

7.17.09 - L talking to her sunglasses before daycare. It's quite cute listening to her

Here are some photos from Crossroads, L's daycare center. I've enjoyed viewing the school's photos. I get to share in some aspect of L's day/week when I get to see these photos, even when I am working.
There's a weekly theme at Crossroads. All photos below are taken by Crossroads and includes photos from the week.

July - Week 1, Red & White
L waiting for her hands to be washed. She loves this part.
V& L, What could they be talking about?...My guess..."Share Lyla share."

L hanging out with the boys, A&A. They are already helping her.

July - Week 2, Food: On day 1 of week 2, L came home with a decorated sugar cookie. Dave and I each graciously offered up the cookie to one another. In the end it sat on the kitchen counter for a couple of days and then we had to file it. On pizza day, L wanted to eat the pizzas before they were even cooked.

L decorating her cookie

Shopping With a Toddler

7.12.09 ~ L testing her hearing protection headphones. You can really see the cheeks in them.

We're starting to pick things up for our Punta Cana trip and Van and Tuan's wedding so we've been shopping the last two days. Shopping has become an experience now that we have a toddler. This included ordering the headphones above just in case the plane get too loud and scares her.

On our first day, L sat still for a while and then got restless {I don't blame her}. I finally let her out of her stroller. I spent the rest of the shopping trip chasing her, pulling her away or making sure the other shoppers were not going to run her over. L likes eye level displays…having an array of new things to pick up and explore excites her. She looks at me and just grins. She could stand in front of the display and destroy it within seconds. When I tell her to come she inches slowly away from me {but, not to far from the display}. As soon I as get close enough to her she gets on her kne…

You are Loved

Mimi, you will be missed. I can not find the rights words, so I will share this...

She is so beautiful
I've got no words to describe
The way she makes me feel inside

I'm flying solo
As free as light as a bird
Yet I could lay my wings down in a moment
To guard and comfort her

She is so beautiful
Light-filled, loving and wise
Laughter dancing in her eyes

All my road is before me
And I never did plan on a wife
Yet she's the most beautiful soul
I ever have met in this life

For she is like a song
She is like a ray of light
She is like children praying
Like harps and bells and cymbals playing

And she is like a wind
Moving, soothing, bringing joy
And here am I, destroyed

She is so beautiful
I don't know what I'm gonna do when I leave
Except grieve

She Is So Beautiful ~ The Waterboys

Weekend Update

7.4.09 ~ C&C's deck, Framingham

It was a wonderful 3 day weekend...for the most part. L woke up Friday with a fever which resulted in a skin rash which I think is roseola. L's temperature was back to normal by the next day and we headed to Maine to visit with Mimi and Ba Noi. L was a hit a the nursing home. Everyone stopped to see L.
In the afternoon we headed home and went across the street to C&C's for a BBQ. L is getting more comfortable around people. She will let people go near her without crying, screaming or scurrying to me or Dave. L must of had something that didn't agree with her at the BBQ. Dave brought her home to change her. They were gone for a while so I went home to check on them. Dave had just finished giving L a bath because she had pooped every where. While Dave finished dressing L, I scrubbed the rug where L had several accidents. I think she had too many cheese doodle which we don't give her when she's home. She has her own cheese pu…

happy 4th of july

7.03.09 ~ L, Framingham

Have a happy and safe holiday.
We're hoping to make the rounds tomorrow...Maine, neighborhood BBQ and maybe even Boston.

New Jersey Weekend

6-27-09 - L wanted to write at Aunt Van and Uncle Tuan's house, New Jersey

It's been a crazy few weeks and I don't think it will get any better until after Van's wedding. Sorry, the blogging has been slow. I have to first congratulation my nephew, Michael. He graduated from high school two weeks ago.

6.27.09 ~ L enjoying the chicken served at Wild Rice, MetuchenWe didn't have day care last week so Ba Noi came down to stay with L. L learned a new game...popping popcorn. She and Ba Noi would fill her sand pail with balls and L would shake it up and down. The balls would go flying and L would laugh. She can certainly entertain herself. Ba Noi had to head home early last week so I stayed home with L and got ready for New Jersey trip. We headed to NJ on Friday and the traffic there was horrific. L did a wonderful job in the car. She only complained when her diaper was full.

6.27.09 ~ The bride to be

We had a wonderful meal on Friday night at Wild Rice, my cousin Lisa's …