Birthday Party Updates

6.3.09 ~ Help me daddy, L wanting dada to help with her gift

We celebrated L's birthday in Maine last weekend. We went up Friday night and stayed through Sunday. During L's birthday week we had a celebration with cake/cupcake to get the party started. We wanted to get L accustomed to cake, but she just didn't like it. Daycare was able to get her to have some, but at home she wouldn't have any of it.
Below are a few photos from L's party. It was a wonderful day with great guests and delicious food. We had lobster, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Sixty pounds of lobster was quickly gone. Maine and lobster what a great combination.
6.6.09 ~ L loves Ong Noi's maps

L enjoying a muffin instead of cake; we tried.

L, Auntie Van and her cousins

L & Uncle Tuan


  1. Hi,

    You've never met me, but I really wanted to wish Lyla a happy birthday and congratulate you for making it through that first year of motherhood. I worked with your mother-in-law, Sally, at Fairfield School and she was a very special person to me (in fact, I was a complete sobbing mess at her retirement party). I've been following your blog since your pregnancy and still eagerly await new installments. My son is almost 11 months old and I'm starting to plan that first birthday party. I can't tell you how comforting it was to me to know what would be coming in the weeks ahead during those hard, overwhelming, but joyful first weeks and months of a first child....I saw that you got through each stage and knew that I could too. Again, congratulations and thank you!

    Sara Perry

  2. Hi Sara,

    I feel like I already know you. It's the motherhood society. Also, Sally spoke of you often since we were experiencing motherhood at the same time. Congrats to you as well. The first celebration is as much for the baby as it is for the parents. We've made it through the first year.


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