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End of School Year

6.18.09 ~ L moving
It was the end of the school year at CrossRoads Christian Childcare. On Thursday, they had an end of the year celebration. The children put on a show for parents and the school showed the most touching slide show. I'm hoping to get a copy from Ms. A. Ms. A will be L's teach in September {the toddler class room and reduced daycare costs, yay!}. As the school moves into the summer program, nothing changes for the infants and toddlers. The summer program is more for the older children. The show just made me melt.

L loves to dance. I think she gets nervous when people start to watch her {as you will see in the video}.

On a side note...L is walking now. She just loves to go back and forth from me to Dave. She gets so excited.

Aliza' Recital

6.14.09 ~ Aliza, Quin and L after Aliza's recital

Aliza and L in their matching outfits
It seems like every weekend goes by as a blur. Like most people, I ask myself where did the weekend go? These photos are from Aliza's dance recital last Sunday. All the girls were wonderful. It was a fantastic show. L dance through the whole thing...she can move.

Birthday Party Updates

6.3.09 ~ Help me daddy,L wanting dada to help with her gift

We celebrated L's birthday in Maine last weekend. We went up Friday night and stayed through Sunday. During L's birthday week we had a celebration with cake/cupcake to get the party started. We wanted to get L accustomed to cake, but she just didn't like it. Daycare was able to get her to have some, but at home she wouldn't have any of it. Below are a few photos from L's party. It was a wonderful day with great guests and delicious food. We had lobster, chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Sixty pounds of lobster was quickly gone. Maine and lobster what a great combination. 6.6.09 ~ L loves Ong Noi's maps

L enjoying a muffin instead of cake; we tried.

L, Auntie Van and her cousins

L & Uncle Tuan

One Year Old

5.25.09 ~ One year photo, Wayside Inn, Wayland (Tracy Cai design)

Happy Birthday My Sweet Angel! {My heart goes pitter patter when I think about the sentence.}

L is one today. Where has the time gone? I think about her and reflect on all her wonderful qualities. She's smart, independent and very curious. We're headed to L's one year appointment today and will celebrating her birthday tonight with a little cake. I'll share more later.

I'll leave you with this video of L trying to get out and see her dad.

5.31.09 ~ Let Me Out