Memorial Day Weekend

5.2.409 ~ Enjoying watermelon

Our three day weekend was wonderful. We just out hung a family and with neighbors. The weather was perfect to be outside. The weekend started with L proving me wrong once again. Everything I put on the table gets thrown...I've tried bowls that suction to the table, rubber place mats that suction, and finally place mats that stick to the table.

When I found the place mats that have adhesive on the back that sticks to table I thought, a L proof place mat. I put the place mat and stepped into the kitchen to get dinner.

Me from the kitchen: L if you can figure out how to remove this place mat, your the smartest baby in the whole world.

Dave from the dining room: She's the smartest baby, she did it in less an 10 seconds.

5.23.09 ~ place mat end result , take 1

5.23.09 ~ Prying Hands, take 2

Can you tell, L's teething again?

5.24-09 ~ couch time for L and Dad-te

L walked with her wagon all weekend. Since our house does no have a lot of room, we took it outside.

It was also a weekend for me to make room in the freezer. With all of L's food, our freezer door would not close. The first thing to go was Dave and my wedding cake top. Yes, this cake has been in our freezer for almost five years. The cake is still sitting in the dining room. Dave keeps asking me when I'm going to throw it out. I just can't do it YET.

5.24.09 ~ Saying goodbye to our wedding cake

On Sunday, L and I went for a walk around with Jane around the neighborhood. L and Jane then played ball in Jane's beautiful backyard (it was absolutely dreamy). Jane has my dream backyard. L was very comfortable around Jane and even wanted to give Jane a kiss. L also took a huge bite out of one of Jane's grandson's ball. It was destroyed.

5.25.09 ~ Playing in the yard and doing some mulching

To wind down the weekend, we mulched and went over to neighbor's for a barbecue.

On Tuesday, I went to work, L went to day care and Dave is redid our bath room. The bathroom received a face lift that started with new grout, a few new tiles, crown molding {which look awesome} and tomorrow he going to paint with the a color we picked out on Monday and install the new light fixture. We've also ordered a storm door and getting new locks and door nobs for the breeze way One last thing, Dave is also sanding and painting the breeze way.


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