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4.24.09 ~ L's experience with sand, Ferry Beach, Saco

Like the weather this past week, life has changed suddenly. Last weekend we had record 90 degree weather where we were wearing shorts and t-shirts. By mid-week we were back to pants and long sleeve shirts.

We had a wonderful weekend which started with a trip to Maine last Friday. L and I had a magical time visiting with Ba and Ong Noi and L got to meet her "Great" Aunt Kelley. L did all the right things while we were visiting. She showed off all her skills from eating to dancing to playing pat-a-cake and finally to playing peek-a-boo with Ba Noi. L still screamed when she saw Balto, but it took less time for her to get reacquainted with Balto and was feeling much more comfortable around him.

L had her first experience with the beach and sand last Friday. She definitely was trying to figure it out as she does with everything else. The weather was perfect for a nice beach stroll with Ba Noi and Aunt Kelley. Seeing Aunt Kelley walking along the water I could see the free spirit in her....she just belonged to nature as she blended with the waves, sound and smell of the ocean. It's hard to explain unless your there to experience it and perhaps those you really know Aunt Kelley know what I am writing about.

With the ending of the warm weather on Monday so was my time at home with L. I headed back to work this week. Putting L in day care was hard this time around. I just miss our time together and she felt all the changes occurring in her life. L was off all week...she still had a lot of energy but it was a different energy, almost like she was restless. It was back to our routine of me dropping off and Dave doing pick up. But, this time around, Dave is having to take care of a lot things around the house.

It's been a role reversal in our home. I am no longer the one to get up with L at night or even in the morning. I am no longer the person that gets L all her food and put her to bed. Dave has taken over the role of caring for L. Dave takes care of L's every need and want.

As I had anticipated, L is keeping everyone at daycare entertained. It's funny to hear the stories from L's teachers. L is very persistent, smart and can definitely eat. L likes to get into the diaper pail at daycare and they are having to barricade it. She climbs all over the toddlers and is being told to be gentle to her friends (the other infants in her class). I'm always telling L to be gentle to Mom so I know how rough she can be. L also wants the toys the other kids are playing with. L continues to get at the toys the other infants are playing with and when she finally does get it she drops it and goes off to another thing. She really doesn't want to play with it she just doesn't want anyone else having it.


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