Birthday Boy + Lyla's Teeth = Crying

05.16.09 ~ L and Ben

It was another wonderful weekend. As I was telling a co-worker today, a great weekend is when all I have to do is spend time with L. On Saturday, we attended Ben's {aka "the boyfriend"} first birthday party. L spent most of the party playing by herself, wanting to go play with the empty bottles and clinging on to me. Once L was more comfortable she did crawl around a little.

L playing by herself

L & Erin

Someone once told me that I will one day get a call from daycare about my child either being the biter or the bitee. My child is definitely the biter. However, it wasn't at daycare, but it was at Ben's birthday party. It wasn't just anyone she bit, but it was the birthday boy. Ben put his finger too close to her mouth and she bit him.
Ben enjoying his birthday cake

We also moved L to the table this weekend. I thought she was ready for the table, but I am second guessing myself. L did really well this weekend sitting in the booster seat at the table. She made me change my mind tonight. The plastic suction place mat I got for L was picked up, rolled and thrown. Dave thought this was hilarious. Why? Because, I came home and was told that L threw everything and took off her bib {she needed the bib because she had spaghetti and sauce tonight}. I put the place mat back on the table and told Dave, "you just need to push the suction cup down." L proved me wrong when she proceed to pull up the mat, roll up and throw it across the table {again}.

L probably fishing for peas and enjoying lunch with Dad

L playing with sippy cup and me trying to take it away...the battle was on


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