11 Months

05.03.09 ~ Framingham

L is 11 months old today...we spent most of the day outside. We worked in the yard, went on walks and L played with dandelions. At first she didn't want to touch them, but once I showed her what they were she wanted to walk to each one in the yard. L inspected them, tasted them (when L was too quick for me) and finally picked the petals off of them. It was a nice day.

05.02.09 ~ L and Dad-Te in Boston

The weekend was wonderful and perfect after my first week back at work. We went into Boston on Saturday and had dinner with Ba and Ong Noi. L was the perfect child during dinner. She enjoys eating so as long as there's food in front of her she's happy.

05.02.09 ~ L and Ba Noi, Boston

05.02.09 ~ L with Ong Noi and Dad-Te, Boston

Here are photos from last weekend that I didn't get to download and post last week. Have nice week.

04.25.09 ~ L before a dip in Erin's kiddy pool, Framingham

04.25.09 ~ L in the afternoon after a change of clothes and lunch

04.24.09 ~ "I want that!", Framingham


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