Wedding Updates

05.12.09 ~ L before going to daycare

Last weekend Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan came to visit. It was a weekend full of wedding planning. Aunt Van picked up her wedding dress which finally took longer because it had to be custom made. Van and I could not be any different. While Van had to have the ball grown with a lot of lace, mine was a two piece with simple beading which was off the rack dress. I smile when I look back on my wedding day. It was exactly what I wanted and now Van is getting exactly what she wants but in a bigger way. I like simple, Van likes elaborate. I think small, Van thinks large. I made a decision on what I wanted and Van goes through daily changes and can I say it gets more and more elaborate.

We accomplished a lot the weekend Van and Tuan visited. We finished the invitations, started on the programs, made half of the 60 plus boutonnieres that they will need {can I say insane} and had my friend, B, over for lunch on Saturday. L was ever the delightful hostess keeping everyone entertained. L also took her first few steps on Sunday running from Uncle Tuan.

L is going through a lot of changes right now. L is experience separation anxiety. She cries when Daddy leaves the room. I'll call before I leave work {L is usually having dinner} and Dave has to get off the phone quickly because L is crying for him. At bedtime, L will not go to bed unless one of us is standing next to her crib until she falls asleep. I will stand there until she's is about to fall asleep, but Dave will not stand there. Instead, he leaves the room and when L starts to cry he brings her down stairs. From what Dave tells me, L falls asleep watching t.v. This a habit I would prefer L not to have. Dave's just a big softy.

I love reading L's daily report. These are some of my favorite sentences from L's reports.
  • She is happy and content
  • Mrs. S is reminding L to use gentle hands with her friends
  • L finger painted using red and green - she enjoyed it. She used her fingers to go back and forth and used her palm to splat the paint. After I cleaned her and took the smock off - she crawled to where her painting was and touched it.
  • I said, "who would like to read with me?" She crawled to me and sat down next to me.
  • L got a book, crawled over to me, sat on my lap and wanted me to read the book to her.

The latest story that makes Dave and I laugh is L running over the toddlers with the walker. L's teacher opened the door separating the toddler and infant room and L came barreling through not caring who was in her way. Apparently, one of L's old class mate took the brunt of it {poor V}.

Below are photos from this past weekend.

05.10.09 ~ Photos 1&2, Van playing with the camera and photo 3, pulling together the invites


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