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Memorial Day Weekend

5.2.409 ~ Enjoying watermelon

Our three day weekend was wonderful. We just out hung a family and with neighbors. The weather was perfect to be outside. The weekend started with L proving me wrong once again. Everything I put on the table gets thrown...I've tried bowls that suction to the table, rubber place mats that suction, and finally place mats that stick to the table.

When I found the place mats that have adhesive on the back that sticks to table I thought, a L proof place mat. I put the place mat and stepped into the kitchen to get dinner.

Me from the kitchen: L if you can figure out how to remove this place mat, your the smartest baby in the whole world.

Dave from the dining room: She's the smartest baby, she did it in less an 10 seconds.

5.23.09 ~ place mat end result , take 1

5.23.09 ~ Prying Hands, take 2

Can you tell, L's teething again?

5.24-09 ~ couch time for L and Dad-te
L walked with her wagon all weekend. Since our house does no have a lot of room, we t…

1 Year Photos

05.25.09 ~ L at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury. Photos taken by Tracy Cai

We had L's one year photos taken yesterday. L was pretty tired during the photo session and only perked up at the end when the rest of us were tired. Here are a few photos from the session. We'll see the rest on Saturday. All photos are taken by Tracy Cai who also owns Always Elegant, the bridal shop where Van found her wedding dress.

I'll write about our wonderful weekend later this week.

Birthday Boy + Lyla's Teeth = Crying

05.16.09 ~ L and Ben

It was another wonderful weekend. As I was telling a co-worker today, a great weekend is when all I have to do is spend time with L. On Saturday, we attended Ben's {aka "the boyfriend"} first birthday party. L spent most of the party playing by herself, wanting to go play with the empty bottles and clinging on to me. Once L was more comfortable she did crawl around a little.

L playing by herself

L & Erin

Someone once told me that I will one day get a call from daycare about my child either being the biter or the bitee. My child is definitely the biter. However, it wasn't at daycare, but it was at Ben's birthday party. It wasn't just anyone she bit, but it was the birthday boy. Ben put his finger too close to her mouth and she bit him. Ben enjoying his birthday cake
We also moved L to the table this weekend. I thought she was ready for the table, but I am second guessing myself. L did really well this weekend sitting in the booster seat at …

Wedding Updates

05.12.09 ~ L before going to daycare

Last weekend Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan came to visit. It was a weekend full of wedding planning. Aunt Van picked up her wedding dress which finally took longer because it had to be custom made. Van and I could not be any different. While Van had to have the ball grown with a lot of lace, mine was a two piece with simple beading which was off the rack dress. I smile when I look back on my wedding day. It was exactly what I wanted and now Van is getting exactly what she wants but in a bigger way. I like simple, Van likes elaborate. I think small, Van thinks large. I made a decision on what I wanted and Van goes through daily changes and can I say it gets more and more elaborate.
We accomplished a lot the weekend Van and Tuan visited. We finished the invitations, started on the programs, made half of the 60 plus boutonnieres that they will need {can I say insane} and had my friend, B, over for lunch on Saturday. L was ever the delightful ho…

11 Months

05.03.09 ~ Framingham

L is 11 months old today...we spent most of the day outside. We worked in the yard, went on walks and L played with dandelions. At first she didn't want to touch them, but once I showed her what they were she wanted to walk to each one in the yard. L inspected them, tasted them (when L was too quick for me) and finally picked the petals off of them. It was a nice day.

05.02.09 ~ L and Dad-Te in Boston

The weekend was wonderful and perfect after my first week back at work. We went into Boston on Saturday and had dinner with Ba and OngNoi. L was the perfect child during dinner. She enjoys eating so as long as there's food in front of her she's happy.

05.02.09 ~ L and Ba Noi, Boston
05.02.09 ~ L with OngNoi and Dad-Te, Boston

Here are photos from last weekend that I didn't get to download and post last week. Have nice week.

04.25.09 ~ L before a dip in Erin's kiddy pool, Framingham

04.25.09 ~ L in the afternoon after a change of clothes and lunch


Busy Busy

4.24.09 ~ L's experience with sand, Ferry Beach, Saco

Like the weather this past week, life has changed suddenly. Last weekend we had record 90 degree weather where we were wearing shorts and t-shirts. By mid-week we were back to pants and long sleeve shirts.
We had a wonderful weekend which started with a trip to Maine last Friday. L and I had a magical time visiting with Ba and Ong Noi and L got to meet her "Great" Aunt Kelley. L did all the right things while we were visiting. She showed off all her skills from eating to dancing to playing pat-a-cake and finally to playing peek-a-boo with Ba Noi. L still screamed when she saw Balto, but it took less time for her to get reacquainted with Balto and was feeling much more comfortable around him.
L had her first experience with the beach and sand last Friday. She definitely was trying to figure it out as she does with everything else. The weather was perfect for a nice beach stroll with Ba Noi and Aunt Kelley. Seeing Aunt K…