Shakes and Wiggles

4.17.09 ~ L trying to climb the stairs

Life with L has been one active happening after another. L is so active these days I devote most of my time to her. Her excitement and joy is apparent...L's body speaks it. Lately, L has been dancing and humming. Her whole body shakes and wiggles to the beat and her face has her signature open mouth smile.

4.19.09 ~ L climbing her chair

L has a toy chair that she loves. The chair plays music and L has heard the music so many times she now hums the tune. Unfortunately, L loves to dance and hum with the chair. Not only with the chair but while standing on the chair. L now climbs on everything and the chair is just the perfect height. She stands up on the chairs and starts humming to the the beat of the music. Every time I tell her to get down she just looks at me and continues to dance.

L not only stands and dances on the chair but she uses it as a step stool to get on the couch. Once on the couch she throws herself off the couch. Dave and I have to grab her legs so she doesn't fall on her head. L uses her hands to prop herself up while Dave and I are hold her legs until she gets down.
4.19.09 ~ L reading to herself

L does have her anxious moments. It's usually around 4pm and she knows that her "dad-te" will be home soon. It's usually around this time that L starts heading to the kitchen saying, "dad-te." I try to give her a snack, read her books or we'll go for a short walk. This usually calms L down until she actually sees "dad-te." She starts jumping up and down and her whole face lights up.

4.17.09 ~ L enjoying the park

In one other L news, L has four new teeth {top four} coming in. She had a few rough nights, but seems to be managing the pain pretty well. She's biting on everything and this includes my cheeks. L gives open mouth kisses and when she's kissing me she's also champing down.


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