Baby Gate and Sleep

4.7.08 ~ Looking through the gate, Framingham

The baby gate went back up last week. L has figured out how to climb the stairs. We had it up for a while, but I needed to move some furniture around so I took it down. I hadn't put it back up until last week when L started to up the stairs.

My blog entries have been scattered as well due to L and Auntie Van...they have been keeping me busy. L has been keeping us on our toes and sleep for L has been a struggle. Every time we put her in her crib she would stand up and start screaming. L's night wakings has increased with her getting into standing position and we would have to go and put her down again.

Sorry this is a short entry and I'll try to add more details in my next entry.

4.7.09 ~ Framingham

Mimi, we're thinking of you. We love you!


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