10 Months Old

9.13.08 ~ L at three months, Framingham, 3 minutes 37 seconds

L is ten months old today. She's been testing us lately. Nap and bed time has become a game for L. She is now standing in her crib and just talking {sometimes crying} for us to come get her. L refuses to let us put her diaper on. It takes a few tries and if it's not done quick enough the diaper is torn off or L rolls over and crawls off. She's become quite strong and quick.

Last week, when I discovered L standing in her crib jumping up and down my heart jumped with her. The same thing happened to Dave this week. He came down with L in tow one morning saying he found her standing and it scared him. Welcome to the club. My first scare happened about two months ago when I had a dream of going into L's room and finding her half way out of her crib in the flying position {Superman came to mind}. Seeing L jumping up and down last week reminded me of the dream.

Yesterday I was watching some of L's old videos and it seemed like a life time ago that she was that small and immobile. This video is of L at 3 months old. A lot of L's mannerism is the same then as they are today.


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