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The Beach

4.24.09 ~ L's first touch of sand

L with "GREAT" Aunt Kelley and Ba Noi

We had a wonderful day in Maine yesterday. I'll post about it later because it's too beautiful today to be on the computer. These photo say it all...L is truly loved.

Shakes and Wiggles

4.17.09 ~ L trying to climb the stairs

Life with L has been one active happening after another. L is so active these days I devote most of my time to her. Her excitement and joy is apparent...L's body speaks it. Lately, L has been dancing and humming. Her whole body shakes and wiggles to the beat and her face has her signature open mouth smile.

4.19.09 ~ L climbing her chair

L has a toy chair that she loves. The chair plays music and L has heard the music so many times she now hums the tune. Unfortunately, L loves to dance and hum with the chair. Not only with the chair but while standing on the chair. L now climbs on everything and the chair is just the perfect height. She stands up on the chairs and starts humming to the the beat of the music. Every time I tell her to get down she just looks at me and continues to dance.
L not only stands and dances on the chair but she uses it as a step stool to get on the couch. Once on the couch she throws herself off the couch. Dave and I have …

Baby Gate and Sleep

4.7.08 ~ Looking through the gate, Framingham

The baby gate went back up last week. L has figured out how to climb the stairs. We had it up for a while, but I needed to move some furniture around so I took it down. I hadn't put it back up until last week when L started to up the stairs.

My blog entries have been scattered as well due to L and Auntie Van...they have been keeping me busy. L has been keeping us on our toes and sleep for L has been a struggle. Every time we put her in her crib she would stand up and start screaming. L's night wakings has increased with her getting into standing position and we would have to go and put her down again.

Sorry this is a short entry and I'll try to add more details in my next entry.

4.7.09 ~ Framingham

Mimi, we're thinking of you. We love you!

10 Months Old

9.13.08 ~ L at three months, Framingham, 3 minutes 37 seconds

L is ten months old today. She's been testing us lately. Nap and bed time has become a game for L. She is now standing in her crib and just talking {sometimes crying} for us to come get her. L refuses to let us put her diaper on. It takes a few tries and if it's not done quick enough the diaper is torn off or L rolls over and crawls off. She's become quite strong and quick.

Last week, when I discovered L standing in her crib jumping up and down my heart jumped with her. The same thing happened to Dave this week. He came down with L in tow one morning saying he found her standing and it scared him. Welcome to the club. My first scare happened about two months ago when I had a dream of going into L's room and finding her half way out of her crib in the flying position {Superman came to mind}. Seeing L jumping up and down last week reminded me of the dream.

Yesterday I was watching some of L's old videos and i…