Perfect Host

3.15.09 ~ pat-a-cake, chicken and peas, Framingham

L's Godparents came and visited this past weekend. It was a weekend full of wedding planning {Auntie Van wrote about it here}. As usual L was the perfect host...keeping everyone on their toes and entertained. She loves to be the center of attention and will play with you all day as long as you walk her around the house. She's demanding in that way.

pat-a-cake, chicken and peas continues

These days it's all about pat-a-cake, chicken, peas, reading and standing. The only time L sits still is when you're reading her books. One book right after the other. We start off will one neat pile of books. As we finish one book L looks to the pile for another book. With standing, L demands all our attention. She will use anything in sight to assist her on getting up. If there's nothing available then it's Mom. L is constantly falling. Unfortunately with her skin tone, each fall shows.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

03.16.09 ~ Standing, Framingham


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