Maine and Baby K

3.28.09 ~ L with Baby K and Jolina {Beautiful}, Arundel

We spent the weekend in Maine and finally got to meet Baby K. She is the most adorable and happy baby (besides L of course!). However, L was afraid of Baby K's dad who kept referring to himself as daddy. Joe would say, "come to daddy." It doesn't help Joey's cause that he wants to hold L as soon as he sees her. Most of us know L needs to get acquainted with someone before she lets them hold her. She just seemed more relaxed when he left the room. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that she didn't have to worry about him picking her up. Maybe when we see them in June, L will let Joey pick her up.

At Ba and Ong Noi's house L enjoyed having free range of the house. She especially loved Balto's water dish. As you can see from the photo below. I'm told that L's father loved to do the same thing as a baby. Disclaimer, if you plan on buying L clothes any time soon I suggest you buy her eighteen months. Ba Noi found that out when she tried to get L in new pajamas that were size 12 months. She couldn't get it to zip.

3.29.09 ~ L playing with Balto's dish, Dayton

When we got home Sunday night all L wanted to do was eat dinner and have her bath. I filled L's bath and L wanted to get right in. Before she could get in I had to get her pajamas ready and undress her. She whined when I took her to the living room so I could run upstairs to get her clothes. She headed right back to the bath room and tried to get in. When bath time was done I tried to get her out and she kept pushing me away. L loves her baths (second to food).
3.29.09 ~ L anxious for her bath, Framingham

Here's one last photo from the weekend.


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