Like Dad

3.25.09 ~ L, Framingham

David circa 1977

I love to look at photos of Dave as a baby...look at the resemblance between L and her dad. Below is another photo of L cruising. She's concentrate in the photo. It's been an interesting few days with a lot crying. It seems that every time I turn, L is banging her head against a wall, cabinet or floor. She gets very frustrated when she can't get to her destination as quickly as she likes.

Diaper changing as become an art form. You have to get it done as quickly as possible, especially when it's a poopy diaper. It's either a wandering hand or a need to get up and play while we're changing L's diaper. Diaper changing always ends with an "okay, done." L knows the command and knows that she can get up and play. She rolls over and crawls off. If it's bath time L crawls to dad, who has her bath ready for her.


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