It's A Beautiful Day

3.7.09 ~ L after our walk, Framingham

The weather was incredible today so L and I decided to go for a long walk. We walked through the neighborhood and ran into a couple of kids who was just coming back from their walk. The kids were very articulate, I was very impressed. They were commenting how cute L was. It seems where ever we go someone is saying how cute or beautiful L is. Yesterday, at the grocery store, a woman thought L should model. She went into a story about a show she was watching earlier in the day where a baby won a contest to be on the cover of Parenting magazine. She through L was more beautiful than the baby who won.

Today on our walk to a school about half a mile from our house we met two boys and their father. They were heading to the school playground as well. I was hoping to get L on her first swing, but the school didn't have swings. The six year old boy said he would help L go down the slide. It was very sweet. I told him she was too young for the slide.

L is now climbing on anything she can get her little grips around. It's mainly the couch or her parents. L is hold onto the couch cushion and pulling herself up. Then she moves along it. L is not satisfied sitting on the floor anymore. She wants to constantly stand.

I walked into the bathroom while Dave was giving L her bath. I heard him say, "Lyla, who's your favorite." L's response, "DaDa." Of course, she would say, "DaDa." The word just rolls off her tongue. Dave thought he was so clever.


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