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Maine and Baby K

3.28.09 ~ L with Baby K and Jolina {Beautiful}, Arundel

We spent the weekend in Maine and finally got to meet Baby K. She is the most adorable and happy baby (besides L of course!). However, L was afraid of Baby K's dad who kept referring to himself as daddy. Joe would say, "come to daddy." It doesn't help Joey's cause that he wants to hold L as soon as he sees her. Most of us know L needs to get acquainted with someone before she lets them hold her. She just seemed more relaxed when he left the room. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that she didn't have to worry about him picking her up. Maybe when we see them in June, L will let Joey pick her up.

At Ba and Ong Noi's house L enjoyed having free range of the house. She especially loved Balto's water dish. As you can see from the photo below. I'm told that L's father loved to do the same thing as a baby. Disclaimer, if you plan on buying L clothes any time soon I suggest you buy her eighteen months…

Like Dad

3.25.09 ~ L, Framingham

David circa 1977
I love to look at photos of Dave as a baby...look at the resemblance between L and her dad. Below is another photo of L cruising. She's concentrate in the photo. It's been an interesting few days with a lot crying. It seems that every time I turn, L is banging her head against a wall, cabinet or floor. She gets very frustrated when she can't get to her destination as quickly as she likes.
Diaper changing as become an art form. You have to get it done as quickly as possible, especially when it's a poopy diaper. It's either a wandering hand or a need to get up and play while we're changing L's diaper. Diaper changing always ends with an "okay, done." L knows the command and knows that she can get up and play. She rolls over and crawls off. If it's bath time L crawls to dad, who has her bath ready for her.

Pass The Paper Please

3.24.09 ~ L climbing on Mom, Framingham

It seems L is not very selective in what she will eat these days. Even the smallest of crumbs goes in her mouth never to be seen again. When I try to scoop out whatever goes in her mouth she tries to bite my finger. I remove my finger and try again, but she's already swallowed the item. Today it was paper. L loves to tear paper and now I can add the phrase L loves eat paper.
Yesterday's found snack was the outside shell of an onion. No, we haven't baby proofed yet. The onions and potatoes in the ceramic bowl on the bottom shelf of the cart in the kitchen needs a new home now.

Perfect Host

3.15.09 ~ pat-a-cake, chicken and peas, Framingham

L's Godparents came and visited this past weekend. It was a weekend full of wedding planning {Auntie Van wrote about it here}. As usual L was the perfect host...keeping everyone on their toes and entertained. She loves to be the center of attention and will play with you all day as long as you walk her around the house. She's demanding in that way.
pat-a-cake, chicken and peas continues

These days it's all about pat-a-cake, chicken, peas, reading and standing. The only time L sits still is when you're reading her books. One book right after the other. We start off will one neat pile of books. As we finish one book L looks to the pile for another book. With standing, L demands all our attention. She will use anything in sight to assist her on getting up. If there's nothing available then it's Mom. L is constantly falling. Unfortunately with her skin tone, each fall shows.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
03.16.09 ~ S…

9 Month Wellness

3.2.09 ~ L ruling the roost, Framingham

I can hardly believe that L is nine months old. When she was 1-month old I was hoping for the stage where I didn't have to get up every 1 hour and her fussy and needy periods would be less. I've past those stages and at nine months I feel like she's growing too quickly. I can barely keep up with her. At L's nine-month wellness visit, she weighted 20 pounds and was 28 1/2 inches long. She's in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th for her height and head. Yes, L is a big girl. The doctor's visit went well except for the L's constant crying as soon as the doctor stepped into the room. Once the doctor left, L stopped crying but when she returned L started crying again. I'm not sure what that is all about.

It's A Beautiful Day

3.7.09 ~ L after our walk, Framingham

The weather was incredible today so L and I decided to go for a long walk. We walked through the neighborhood and ran into a couple of kids who was just coming back from their walk. The kids were very articulate, I was very impressed. They were commenting how cute L was. It seems where ever we go someone is saying how cute or beautiful L is. Yesterday, at the grocery store, a woman thought L should model. She went into a story about a show she was watching earlier in the day where a baby won a contest to be on the cover of Parenting magazine. She through L was more beautiful than the baby who won.
Today on our walk to a school about half a mile from our house we met two boys and their father. They were heading to the school playground as well. I was hoping to get L on her first swing, but the school didn't have swings. The six year old boy said he would help L go down the slide. It was very sweet. I told him she was too young for the slide.
L i…

Tipping Point

3.2.09 ~ L, FraminghamL and made a trip to IKEA on Saturday and got the walker in this video (plus other things that I just had to have). She enjoys pushing it, but forgets that she can't let go. She will be walking and something catches her eye and she stops, lets go of the wagon and starts to tip over.
L is also into sticking out her tongue now. I think she's discovered her two bottom teeth and tongue make a great combination. L continues to wake up happy and talking to herself. Food is by far her favorite thing (beside Mommy of course). She is getting quite good at picking up the O's and putting them in her mouth. Each time she gets a mouth full she bounces up and down in excitement. We go in for L's 9 month check up next week. We'll keep you all updated.