Progress Report

2.5.09 ~ framingham

The other day I wrote about L's developmental stages and how we are enjoying them. I was thinking about how L was beginning to look and act more of like a toddler than an infant. We received L's progress report from Crossroads yesterday. It's nice to see her developmental stages written on paper. There are also goals for L and a plan for those goals. Most of what was in the report we were aware of, but I was surprised that L had started to understand simple cause and effect starting in October.

I love reading L’s letter from Mrs. S. Below is her letter.

“Little Lyla is a healthy and curious infant. She is doing well physically. She continues to challenge her leg muscles by pushing herself backward as she is learning to crawl. She is able to get herself around as she scoots on her bottom or go backward on her tummy. She loves to walk. She would hold my fingers and walk around the room. She also loves to hold on the bar in the classroom and smile at herself in the mirror. She reaches out for things and does not give up until she gets it. She is able to hold her own bottle but choose not too. She does love to hold the spoon and to try to feed self.

She shows need by crying and making sounds. She reaches out her hands and scoot closer to you to get your attention. She shows her emotions by screaming, crying and smiling when she is happy.

During story time she loves to be near her classmate and talk to them. She is able to sit and listen to stories. She likes to stare at the pictures and hold on the books. When we start our songs; L would stop what she is doing and gives me very big smiles and stares intently at my face. She would laugh.

Lyla is doing beautifully. I encourage her parents to continue to put her on her belly to strengthen the muscles she needs to start crawling forward. Please continue on the things that you are doing with her and for her.

She is a pleasure to be around. She brings joy to the classroom as well as energy.”

Energy…yes, we knew she had a lot it and the things L is very good at - "uses gestures, eye contact and verbal sounds to communicate and able to calm self when upset".


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