Our Ham

I'm sure you can guess who stole the show today...L was hamming it up for a crowd today. We waited in line for over an hour to get L's passport at post office. As one person on the phone was saying, "the line is 30 to 40 people deep." Maybe there's hope for the travel industry. It's didn't seem long because L kept us all entertained. She was curious about everyone.

L was showing her eating, sitting, walking, laughing, smiling and staring skills. Towards the end L started to get restless and wanted to walk back and forth with us. L was very curious about a teenager sitting on the floor. She kept wanting to walk over to him. The boy was very sweet to L and said he didn't care if she got too close. Once he said that L got close and started banging on him.

On other happenings. The last two days has been all about food for L...O's, peas and Baby Mum Mum. She prefers eating over play time. She is happiest when there's food on her tray. We're constantly stomping on O's and peas. I hope you enjoy the clip of L eating peas. Turn you volume up if you want to hear the music that is part of this clip.


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