One Day With L's

2.1.09 ~ Framingham

A day in the life of's a busy one.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

7:00AM - L wakes up babbling to herself
7:15AM - I go get her and she gives me a big smile
7:30AM - After a diaper change, we head downstairs where L greets Dad with a big smile and I feed L

8:30AM - L has breakfast. It's oatmeal with sweet potato and for dessert yogurt with blueberries and apples

9:30AM - L hangs out in her walker as I empty her dishwasher
10:00AM - L goes down for her morning nap

2.1.09 ~ L looks through her rails when she wakes

12:30PM - I go to wake L up from her nap and I changes into her play clothes. She wants to play while I clean her room up. L's trying to reach the toys on the floor. Dad gets home and we try the toy that once belonged to Becca, Meg and Matt (see the video below). We were quite impressed she figured it out. She also has play time with Dad. L loves to be riding/jumping up and down on our leg.

1:15PM - We head downstairs for lunch. It's oatmeal with prunes, yogurt with blueberries and apples

1:45PM - We head to the living room and L plays with her piano and chair

2:30PM - L gets tired and it's time for her afternoon nap

4:00PM - I go to wake L up but she doesn't want to get up so I head back downstairs

4:15PM - L finally decides to wake up

4:30PM - L gets a snack, Joe's O's and and Baby Mum Mum. I found the wonderful Baby Mum Mum snacks that L just loves at Wholefoods.

5:00PM - More play for L. We're tired of trying to make sure L doesn't fall on her face so we put her in the laundry basket to play (photo above).

6:00PM - Dinner

6:30PM - L gets a bath

7:00PM - L nurses

7:30PM - Dave and I put L in her crib, blow her kisses and she's asleep within minutes

Monday, February 2, 2009

4:30AM - L wakes up to nurse and goes back to bed

5:00AM - I head to the gym

This is a summary of L's weekend. Where there's a lag, L's playing.


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