Mobile Swap

1.16.09 ~ Framingham (outfit from Ba and Ong Noi - Christmas 2008)

I'm participating Elsie Marley's mobile swap this year. I have a lot of ideas cooking in my mind. I haven't had much time to do a lot lately or should I rephrase that statement, I have chosen to spend all my time with L. Participating in a swap has energized me and will force me not to work after I put L down at night.

I heart {getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day} crafting and the last thing I started is still in a bin waiting to be finished. It's a gift so I can't show it here {yet}. I'm more excited about giving a mobile than receiving one. My recipient seems like a very special person. It's due at the end of the month so I'll post a photo then. I look forward to sending out my mobile in the next couple of weeks.

blabla kids mobile (

I still love the blabla mobiles (picture above), but quiet happy with the one I chose for L. She still loves it. In the morning I can see her inch towards the mobile and start to babble. Do you remember my blog entry from August 2008 where L gets wildly excited about her mobile. You can read the entry again, here.


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