Hurricane L

2.23.09 ~ Hurricane L, Framingham

What can an infant, almost a toddler, get into in a course of minutes...a lot?!? It seems L loves to pull things out of baskets and most times put it back. Unfortunately, the laundry has to be folded again. Yesterday's folded laundry ended up on the floor and then it's off to get into her toy basket, examine the jumper and her diaper basket. Lastly, I found her in the corner tugging at the drapes. Not sure how L got to the drapes from the middle of the living room (where I put her with a book) in the time it took me to go to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, but she did it.

L reading

L examining

We went up to Maine on Saturday. When we got to Ba Nguoi's house 6 of L's cousins surrounded her like she was food. The first thing out of my mouth, "who is sick and have you all washed your hands?" All at once it was, "Molly has a cold." Molly, being the good cousin, did not touch L like all the other kids. When I sat L down on her booster seat, they surrounded her like a gate, flanking her on all sides. L loves to watch children so she was in her glory.

2.21.09 ~ L and Ba Nguoi

We spent a few hours at Ba Nguoi's house and then it was off to Ba and Ong Noi's house where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner. The last time we were there L loved watching Balto but this time she found him to be a bit scary. All Balto wanted was few of the green beans and O's that L had dropped on the floor, but every time Balto got near L started to scream. Poor Balto.

2.21.09 ~ L and Ba Noi

On other news, we received L's passport last week. We can now travel out of the states with L. Punta Cana and I'm sure Costa Rica, here we come. We're going to lunch with Quin and Aliza tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have photos to share later in the week.

Here's one last photo of L from this weekend.

2.22.09 ~ L, Sundays are for resting


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