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Rainforest Cafe

2.24.09 ~ L, Burlington

L and I met Steve, Mary, Quin and Aliza for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe yesterday. I had heard it was loud in there, but it didn't seem to bother L at all. It was all about the company, the O's and Baby Mum Mum. It bothered L more when I wasn't in her line of sight at one point (picking up all the O's she dropped on the floor).
A trip to the Lego store and Sears followed our lunch. I learned one new thing about Quin and Aliza. Quin is still into Legos (he could hang out in the store all day) and Aliza is 5 years old going on 13. L was very comfortable around the two of them. Below are a few pictures from our day.
Quin, Lego Store
Aliza, Lego Store

Hurricane L

2.23.09 ~ Hurricane L, Framingham

What can an infant, almost a toddler, get into in a course of minutes...a lot?!? It seems L loves to pull things out of baskets and most times put it back. Unfortunately, the laundry has to be folded again. Yesterday's folded laundry ended up on the floor and then it's off to get into her toy basket, examine the jumper and her diaper basket. Lastly, I found her in the corner tugging at the drapes. Not sure how L got to the drapes from the middle of the living room (where I put her with a book) in the time it took me to go to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, but she did it.
L reading

L examining

We went up to Maine on Saturday. When we got to Ba Nguoi's house 6 of L's cousins surrounded her like she was food. The first thing out of my mouth, "who is sick and have you all washed your hands?" All at once it was, "Molly has a cold." Molly, being the good cousin, did not touch L like all the other kids. When I sat L dow…

"No, Lyla, No"

2.17.08 ~ Bath time

I was in the kitchen doing dishes while Dave got L ready for bed last night and I all I could hear was, "No, Lyla, No." I had to chuckle. It seems we use that word a lot lately (not that it makes a difference). We know that L understands the word, but it doesn't stop her from getting into trouble.

L is now into screaming. We'll be at the dinner table eating and L is in her high chair babbling to herself as usual then all of sudden a scream will come out of her mouth. I think she's trying to get our attention.

Just Like Dad

Dave keeps asking, "where does L get all her personality?" Do I need to say more?!?

Dave circa 1977

L January 2009

Swap Result

2.10.09 ~ Mobile Swap
My mobile was sent out yesterday. I had all the material on hand. The fabric and beads I've used on several projects and have great meaning to me.For the swap we had to answer 6 questions. My partner's photos on Flickr are amazing and her baby boy is beautiful (name and address excluded below). Her photos and the last two questions gave me insight into my partner.1. name: 2. email address: 3. website (if you have one): best to find me on flickr: 4. mailing address: 5. favorite colors:think ocean & beach: muted, watery blues, greens, grays, whites, sand, with a bit of rusty orange or faded red6. whether the mobile you'd like to receive is for a baby's room (and his or her age probably would help). If you would particularly like to make a mobile for a baby's room, say that here.: Yes, for a baby's room: Boy, soon to be 1 (on Feb. 26th).

Our Ham

I'm sure you can guess who stole the show today...L was hamming it up for a crowd today. We waited in line for over an hour to get L's passport at post office. As one person on the phone was saying, "the line is 30 to 40 people deep." Maybe there's hope for the travel industry. It's didn't seem long because L kept us all entertained. She was curious about everyone.

L was showing her eating, sitting, walking, laughing, smiling and staring skills. Towards the end L started to get restless and wanted to walk back and forth with us. L was very curious about a teenager sitting on the floor. She kept wanting to walk over to him. The boy was very sweet to L and said he didn't care if she got too close. Once he said that L got close and started banging on him.

On other happenings. The last two days has been all about food for L...O's, peas and Baby Mum Mum. She prefers eating over play time. She is happiest when there's food on her tray. We're const…

Progress Report

2.5.09 ~ framingham

The other day I wrote about L's developmental stages and how we are enjoying them. I was thinking about how L was beginning to look and act more of like a toddler than an infant. We received L's progress report from Crossroads yesterday. It's nice to see her developmental stages written on paper. There are also goals for L and a plan for those goals. Most of what was in the report we were aware of, but I was surprised that L had started to understand simple cause and effect starting in October.

I love reading L’s letter from Mrs. S. Below is her letter.

“Little Lyla is a healthy and curious infant. She is doing well physically. She continues to challenge her leg muscles by pushing herself backward as she is learning to crawl. She is able to get herself around as she scoots on her bottom or go backward on her tummy. She loves to walk. She would hold my fingers and walk around the room. She also loves to hold on the bar in the classroom and smile at herself …

Mobile Swap

1.16.09 ~ Framingham (outfit from Ba and Ong Noi - Christmas 2008)

I'm participating Elsie Marley's mobile swap this year. I have a lot of ideas cooking in my mind. I haven't had much time to do a lot lately or should I rephrase that statement, I have chosen to spend all my time with L. Participating in a swap has energized me and will force me not to work after I put L down at night.
I heart {getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day} crafting and the last thing I started is still in a bin waiting to be finished. It's a gift so I can't show it here {yet}. I'm more excited about giving a mobile than receiving one. My recipient seems like a very special person. It's due at the end of the month so I'll post a photo then. I look forward to sending out my mobile in the next couple of weeks.
blabla kids mobile (
I still love the blabla mobiles (picture above), but quiet happy with the one I chose for L. She still loves it…

One Day With L's

2.1.09 ~ Framingham

A day in the life of's a busy one.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

7:00AM - L wakes up babbling to herself
7:15AM - I go get her and she gives me a big smile
7:30AM - After a diaper change, we head downstairs where L greets Dad with a big smile and I feed L

8:30AM - L has breakfast. It's oatmeal with sweet potato and for dessert yogurt with blueberries and apples

9:30AM - L hangs out in her walker as I empty her dishwasher
10:00AM - L goes down for her morning nap

2.1.09 ~ L looks through her rails when she wakes

12:30PM - I go to wake L up from her nap and I changes into her play clothes. She wants to play while I clean her room up. L's trying to reach the toys on the floor. Dad gets home and we try the toy that once belonged to Becca, Meg and Matt (see the video below). We were quite impressed she figured it out. She also has play time with Dad. L loves to be riding/jumping up and down on our leg.

1:15PM - We head downstairs for lunch. It's oatmeal with pr…