Kisses - Our Big Flirt

12.24.08 ~ M running from L, Arundel

Well it seems that our little L is a big flirt. She already has little boys running away from her. We knew she liked to grab onto one particular little face (I think M is still trying to getting over it) and give him big wet kisses. L has moved on another little boy (poor V). Daycare told me this morning that she was getting upset yesterday when she couldn't get a hold of V to give him kisses. L is very vocal these days. She knows what she wants and will tell us. For example, last night Dave and I were in the kitchen snacking before dinner. L was in her walker and she started making sound directed at us. I pulled out a few of her snacks and put on the walker and she was munching away. She was a happy camper then.

Back to kissing…L finally got a hold of V (that's what happens when you get too close). If you can visualize it...she grabs the little boy's face with both hands and opens her mouth real wide and lunges forward giving him a big kiss. V ran away.


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