Destructive L

1.11.09 ~ L, Van and Tuan, Framingham

We had a full weekend. L's godparent, Van and Tuan, came up to do some wedding planning, give L her Christmas gift and to bring us some supplies we had ordered. Before they came up, our weekend started with a call from daycare with L having a fever that kept increasing every time they took her temperature. I picked L up, took her temperature again (102.5 degrees) which was followed with a called to the doctor’s office, infant Tylenol and tender care. L's peak temperature was at 3AM on Saturday (103.1 degrees) but by morning it had gone back to normal...a big sigh of relief.

Saturday morning we went wedding dress shopping and then it was off to the paper store for save the date materials. We came home and started working on the cards. Saturday night Dave, Van and Tuan headed to the club where Dave and Van took salsa dance lessons.

Sunday morning I went grocery shopping while L, Van and Tuan were still asleep. Dave had to work early and didn't get a chance to pack a lunch so I brought lunch to him while L was still asleep. I came home to the below photo. L was up and in a destructive mood. Ba Noi, do you notice what L has in her mouth? Yes, it's one of the parts to the blue ball you got her. I don't know how she did it, but L had torn the pieces of ball off.

1.11.09 ~ Destructive L, Framingham


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