Daddy's Girl

L is definitely a Daddy's girl. As I'm writing this entry the words that come to mind are, "It's two against one, bite Mommy Lyla." This was after I said, "God, the two of you are annoying."

On Sunday night, I was trying to feed L while Dave was vacuuming the stairs and living room. L wanted to follow her dad around. It was a constant feeding, get up to look at dad, and back down to feed. She couldn't decide what was more important, seeing her dad or eating. After a few minutes I told Dave and L they were annoying. This is the reason for Dave's comment above. Since getting her two SHARP bottom teeth, L has caught me off guard several times. Baby teeth do not equal breastfeeding. That’s a definite no. Dave finds it funny enough to say, “Bite mommy Lyla.”

The other thing that softy Dave does is that when L is not happy he picks her up. I think L knows that her dad will pick her up every time. She gets this pouty look where her bottom lips start to goes straight across her face and it starts quiver. Every time Dave comes home the first think L does is smile, gets really excited by jumping up and down (in the seated position). Then, she’ll start to whine and Dave goes and picks her up.

L also gets treats when she and Dave get home during the week. Dave does pick up most nights and they are usually home 45 minutes before I am. I’ve come home to see the treat canisters on the kitchen counter. L has inherited her dad's sweet tooth. One of the moms at daycare said to me this morning, “It only gets worse; she'll become more of a daddy’s girl as she get older.”
On other L updates, L is now "crawling" backwards. She now tolerates being on her belly for longer periods and will shimmy backwards.
She is also enjoying her new toy. It's a plastic chair with an attached end table. It plays music when you sit on it (or in L's case pound on the seat), when you turn the light on or turn the pages of the book. A picture of L playing on it is in the last blog entry. L doesn't sit in the chair for long. She wants to be on the floor trying to lift herself or pulling the chair towards her. She really is a brut. L has discovered her diaper. She must feel it when we change her, scrapping her fingers along the diaper attachments. Also, new is the word da da da da. She just constantly talks to herself. Her teacher at daycare made a joke the other day that L will talk before she walks.
My favorite new thing is L's sleeping patterns. I didn't dare mention it before incase L decided she still needs to get up every few hours. L could always sleep through the night but really didn't choose to until around 6 months. Now it's bed time at 7pm with a few blown kisses. She gets up around 5am for a feeding and is back down again for another 1 1/2. We’re enjoying every stage of L’s development.


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