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Daddy's Girl

L is definitely a Daddy's girl. As I'm writing this entry the words that come to mind are, "It's two against one, bite Mommy Lyla." This was after I said, "God, the two of you are annoying."

On Sunday night, I was trying to feed L while Dave was vacuuming the stairs and living room. L wanted to follow her dad around. It was a constant feeding, get up to look at dad, and back down to feed. She couldn't decide what was more important, seeing her dad or eating. After a few minutes I told Dave and L they were annoying. This is the reason for Dave's comment above. Since getting her two SHARP bottom teeth, L has caught me off guard several times. Baby teeth do not equal breastfeeding. That’s a definite no. Dave finds it funny enough to say, “Bite mommy Lyla.”

The other thing that softy Dave does is that when L is not happy he picks her up. I think L knows that her dad will pick her up every time. She gets this pouty look where her bottom lips start to g…

Bathing Beauty

1.20.09 ~ bath time, framingham

This morning I put L in her walker so I could take a shower. Typically she'll stay right in front of the bathroom door where I can see her. Today, she stayed in my line of sight, but since she's wants to explore she takes no prisoners. It doesn't mean much these days that L is in our view.

We have a low book shelf against the inner wall in our living room. This morning when I peeked out to check on L....what did I find? L was pulling things of the book shelf. Paper and folders were thrown onto the floor. We have started to baby proof the house, but it seems that L is moving much quicker than we are.

1.20.09 ~ playtime with dad, framingham
1.20.09 ~ playtime before bed, framingham

Happy L

1.14.09 ~ Playing L, Framingham
I was outside shoveling the drive way while L napped yesterday and several of our neighbors stopped their cars to say hello. They all wanted to know how L was doing. L has a fan following and she doesn’t even know it.
My updates included her being a very HAPPY baby, having her two bottom teeth come in recently, becoming more mobile and quite expressive. She will scoot across the rug to getg to things and wants us to constantly hold her hands so she can stand or walk. L just loves to go from the living room to the kitchen so she can see her dad. L is also moving in her walker.
*You may been seen this entry come down multiple times today. Sorry...I was trying to share a video from Google Video and I couldn't get it to work. It's a video of Happy L. I'll try again another day.

Destructive L

1.11.09 ~ L, Van and Tuan, Framingham

We had a full weekend. L's godparent, Van and Tuan, came up to do some wedding planning, give L her Christmas gift and to bring us some supplies we had ordered. Before they came up, our weekend started with a call from daycare with L having a fever that kept increasing every time they took her temperature. I picked L up, took her temperature again (102.5 degrees) which was followed with a called to the doctor’s office, infant Tylenol and tender care. L's peak temperature was at 3AM on Saturday (103.1 degrees) but by morning it had gone back to normal...a big sigh of relief.

Saturday morning we went wedding dress shopping and then it was off to the paper store for save the date materials. We came home and started working on the cards. Saturday night Dave, Van and Tuan headed to the club where Dave and Van took salsa dance lessons.

Sunday morning I went grocery shopping while L, Van and Tuan were still asleep. Dave had to work early and did…

Kisses - Our Big Flirt

12.24.08 ~ M running from L, Arundel

Well it seems that our little L is a big flirt. She already has little boys running away from her. We knew she liked to grab onto one particular little face (I think M is still trying to getting over it) and give him big wet kisses. L has moved on another little boy (poor V). Daycare told me this morning that she was getting upset yesterday when she couldn't get a hold of V to give him kisses. L is very vocal these days. She knows what she wants and will tell us. For example, last night Dave and I were in the kitchen snacking before dinner. L was in her walker and she started making sound directed at us. I pulled out a few of her snacks and put on the walker and she was munching away. She was a happy camper then.

Back to kissing…L finally got a hold of V (that's what happens when you get too close). If you can visualize it...she grabs the little boy's face with both hands and opens her mouth real wide and lunges forward giving him a big …

Blogging - VanandTuan

8.16.08 ~ Kennebunk, Lyla and Her Godparents
L's Godparents have set an August 1 ,2009 wedding date. The destination wedding is in Punta Cana, Dominician Replublic. There's no turning back now. We put our deposit down today. We have to get L's passport but that requires us getting her birth certificate first. This willl be a task for Dad on his lunch break.

Check out Van and Tuan's blog...quite nice I must say :).

Hello 2009

1.02.09 ~ Baby Food

2008 was the most wonderful year so it was sad to see it go. However, I am excited for 2009. Every day with L has been a blessing and she continues to grow and change daily. I have so much to look forward to this year. L cut her first two teeth in 2008 but they'll fully emerge in 2009. She's starting to become more mobile so crawling and walking (we think she may just skip the crawling phase) will happen in 2009. This also means we need to finish baby proofing the house. Her godparents, Van and Tuan, are getting married in August 2009 (FINALLY) and we're all looking forward to their wedding in Punta Cana (especially Dave). Did I ever mention how much I love weddings?!?

I typically do not make New Years resolutions but I plan to get back into the gym this year, start attending Weight Watchers again, making my own baby food and ordering prints of my photos. I don’t have a lot of weight left to lose but I would like to lose another 10 pounds and to head to …