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Happy Holidays

12.20.09 ~ L trying to figure out snow
We're headed to's been so busy we're looking forward to just being with family for the next few days.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Tree Hunt

12.06.09 ~ Framingham
We went and got our Christmas tree on Saturday. As always L had to be with her Dad. Where he went she had to be there. I love the picture melts my heart! It also shows how quickly L is growing up. I'm just not ready.

12.05.09 ~ Russell's Farm, Wayland

As for the tree trimming. L wanted to put the ornaments on and then take them right off. After a while it was driving me nuts. She knew how I was feeling. I told her we needed a break and she needed to go in the kitchen. She actually listened to me. It was cute seeing her come back into the living room but not quite come in. She would look into the room and just grin.

What's also amazes me is how truly L has become a toddler. The personality of an 18 month old just facinates me. All in a span of hours L went from dancing with Blue to trying to put her socks over her sleeper, to trying to put a headband on her head (see the white band around L's neck in the picture with L on the ball). Ball, y…

Joy to Your World...

As you can see there's plenty of it here...

11.26.09 ~ Dayton
Happy December and may the holiday season bring you good spirits with plenty of smiles and laughter.


11.22.09 ~ Natick
We're headed to Maine for a few days to visit with family, eat lots of food (yup!yup!yup! as L would say), do some shopping and to celebrate life and death...enjoy each other.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Boots and Chocolate

L's personality comes through in this photo

Dave was away last week...another trip to Costa Rica. Ba Noi came down and stayed with L and I for the week. It was stressful with Dave gone so I don't know how bad it would have been if we didn't have Ba Noi's help. I couldn't imagine doing drop off, pick up, trying to get dinner and bath time done with a BUSY work week.
Last week was also Hoang's birthday. She seems to consume my mind and heart around her birthday. I can see L in her. L touches her ears a lot. She likes to rub the edges of her ear. Anyone who knew Hoang well knew she had an ear fetish. As a child she used to rub my parents' ears to comfort herself. Also, I have this picture in my mind of Hoang as a child getting excited about something and looking at me with this big grin. When L does it I see Hoang.
L is growing every day. She's talking, singing and dancing more and more these days. Not only does she have a strong personality, but she has he…

The Bumble Bee

Our little bumble bee, Wholefoods, Framingham

With almost 70 degree weather, I put L in a bee costume I bought when I bought the white cat costume {L wore the cat costume to Aliza's birthday party} since I liked them both and thought it may be too hot for the cat costume on Halloween. I'm glad I never returned the costumed as L looked stinkin' adorable in it and was the show at Wholefoods today.

We spend the morning raking the leave in our yard and then headed to Wholefoods. While trick or treating at the neighbors was fun I preferred going to Wholefoods. Reason one, it was during the day and reason two, L was more comfortable at Wholefoods than knocking on the neighbors doors. We only visited four homes...the neighbors we talk to the most. I didn't wait for the sun to go down. L was getting tired because she ran around most of the day and I didn't want to change our routine. I'm a stickler when it comes to routines with L. L enjoyed passing out the candy so mu…

Happy Halloween (or Burth day)

L is wishing everyone a Happy Halloween in her own way...happy burth day...with some cuteness added to the end.

Happy Halloween (or Burth day) from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

Can you see the chocolate on L's face? She loves chocolate and fruit lollipops, but still no pastries. I think what L likes most about the lollipop is being able to run from me to Dave and having us lick the lollipop. She runs back and forward giggle the whole time.

Hopefully I'll have photos to share after the weekend. Trick or Treat.

Pumpkin Painting and Leaf Raking

10.24.09 ~ Pumpkin Painting, photo taken by Wholefoods

On Saturday we attended Wholefoods’ pumpkin painting event held for the kids. What a wonderful event….L really enjoyed herself. She didn’t want to stop. It was a great day for the event since it rained most of the day and L gets antsy when we’re in the house for too long. She goes stir crazy and starts to bang on the door to get out.
10.24.09 ~ Pumpkin Painting, photo taken by Wholefoods

The Wholefoods staff was quite nice and the children were all very adorable. There was a nice turn out. I’m guessing around 15 children. The pumpkin painting was followed with a snack of Pirate’s Booty and juice. We’re headed back to Wholefoods on Saturday for the trick or treat event they are having for the children.

L enjoying her Pirate's Booty after all her hard work

L's pumpkin is the third one down

On Sunday, L and I raked the leaves in the yard. L was enjoying herself until dada came home on his lunch break. From that point, …
10.10.09 ~ Dylan & Riley, Alfred, Maine

Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan visited L last weekend…yes, the time was spent with Dave and me, but they really just wanted to see L. They brought their new baby…Riley…their puppy. L screamed at first when Riley started moving around her as she does when she sees any new dogs. We had plans to go apple and pumpkin picking around our house, but at the last minute decided to head to Maine to pick apples.
We went and visited Ba Ngoai and then went to Gile’s Family Farm with my brother, nieces and nephew. The nieces loved carrying L around the orchard and she didn’t seem to mind. Dylan was more interested in using the apple picker. We had a perfect day for apple picking and the apples were perfect. L loves the golden delicious {which is also Ba Ngoai’s favorite}.


Molly, Dylan, Sabrina & Maggie

L & Auntie Van

Tuan, Van & Riley

Here’s a photo of L with her rain boots this morning saying, “cheese.” She wanted to wear them. She brought them …