Sleep Over Food?

12.07.08 ~ L at dinner time

L fell asleep at dinner last night. The need for sleep finally hit her. I must have worn her out from Christmas shopping yesterday. Dave refers to L as being strung out on life...she just crashes after days of no naps.

The 10 minute power nap during dinner seemed to work for L. She was cranky after we got home from shopping. Once she had the nap, she was ready to go again…smiling during her bath.

Letting L cry it out last week worked (for the most part). The beginning of the week was hard because she put up a really good fight: kicking off her blanket, turning on her sides and back, banging on the rails of her crib and even grunting at me when I tried to adjust her. I’m told the banging is heredity, L’s Ong Noi loves that L is following in her father’s foot steps. By Thursday, she was sleeping 12 hours and on Saturday had taken a 2 hour nap mid-morning. Last night, L was back to her normal sleeping pattern of every three hours. We’ll continue to work on sleep.


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