Squeaky Clean

12.15.08 ~ Framingham

There's a stomach bug going around day care and L has had since Friday. Day care called today so I had to go pick her up which means she has to stay home for 24 hours (day care policy). Her pediatrician thinks it at the tail end. L has a lost a little weight since her appointment on the 1st but nothing that alarms her doctor. Also, L continues to play and does not seem dehydrated so we were sent home with recommendations of trying Pedialyte and FlorastorKids. I couldn’t get either into L. She refuses to eat solids or drink out of a bottle.

Our washing machine has not stopped running since Friday and all of L’s clothes has yellow staining all along the back. It seems that every time I turned away L had pooped...she's squeaky clean though as is my couch after it received a good wash with bleach.

On top of all this, I think L's teething. I can see something starting to come through.


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