12.06.08 ~ L, Framingham

This morning L was patiently waiting for me to get our things together for daycare and work which was a big departure from yesterday. L seems to be doing well sleeping through the night. This morning she woke up from an almost 12 hour sleep to a dark room. If she could talk, she would say, I do not like dark rooms. I could hear her fuss and once she realized where she was started her normal morning routine…babbling to herself, staring at her hands and looking up at her mobile. Once downstairs a cloth keep her busy while I got ready for work.

Yesterday was a different story. Dave came down stairs with L in tow just as I got out of the shower…apparently L had been crying. I nursed L where she proceed to tear my outfit apart (the collar of the shirt had a bow) and every time her Dad entered the room, she would pull away from nursing and look at him. I tried to get her to focus…that didn’t work. So, we moved on to the next thing, solids. She started to eat and 5 minutes into breakfast, L started to do raspberries with food in her mouth spraying me with it. She thought it was funny…oh there was a mischievous look in her eyes and on her smile. Dave could hear me talking her and asked if L was fussy. My response of late, “no, she’s just being naughty.” I know Dave finds this quite comical which makes me think about the statement he made prior to L's birth..."I'm going to be the disciplinarian in this family." He's not.


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