6 Month Birthday

L on 11.30.08

L turned 6 months today...I can hardly believe it. I may need to stop at BabiesRUs after work and get her a 6 month birthday present.

We nearly missed her 6 month wellness appointment on Monday. I thought it was today, but when I arrived at work on Monday (late as usual) and checked my calendar I went into over drive. Some work had to be completed before the appointment and day care needed to be notified. When we arrived at the doctor's office it was already backed up. Reminder to self...do not make an appointment the day after a holiday (especially after a long weekend).

L has not gained much weight since her last appointment. She weighed 17 pounds and 11 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. She's at 80% for her age group down from 90% at her last check up. At the appointment we discussed her weight, bowel movements, food/formula, medication, her development and lack of sleep (waking up every 3 hours).

Weight - we should start to see it her slow down in her weight gain (she's very active).

Bowel movements - we're giving her prunes to help with her lack of it (since she’s on solids).

Formula/food - we should start feeding her solids 3x a day and switching to soy formula (hopefully this will help with her spit up). I still nurse but she gets one bottle a day at day care. At around 8 months we can start to give her Cheerios or crackers.

Medication - since we can't get all her doses in we can increased the amount given twice a day, but should try to give her the acid reflux 3x a day at her regular dosage.

Development - she seems to be ahead of her milestones.

Sleep - a baby at her age shouldn't need to feed 3x a night. Quoting the doctor, "she's smart; she knows that if she cries you'll come, you need to let her cry it out." She suggest "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Weissbluth. We let L cry Monday night (she was kicking and screaming every time I went into her room to check on her). Last night she only cried out for 10 minutes. As much as I hate to let her cry it out, it does work for L.

At 6 months L is a HAPPY (!) baby who fills our life with love and laughter.


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