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Saturday Shoes

My Saturday shoes came with two perfectly matching socks.
Christmas was wonderful. My favorite gift was my Saturday shoes, sock and poem from Mom and Dad Hill. The thought that went into the gift is incredible. I'm sharing with you the poem (hopefully, Mom Hill does not mind).

Saturday Shoes

Saturday shoes
are truly the best.
They keep you going
when there's no time to rest.

Saturday socks
are soft and bright.
They cradle your feet,
make them feel so light.

So Saturday chores
are done in a flash.
And you have a chance
for rest at last.

Saturday night
the work is complete.
You've probably accomplished
an impossible feat.

Thanks to your Saturday shoes and socks!

Merry Christmas Mimi

12.25.08 ~ L & Mimi, Augusta

Merry Christmas Mimi! I had a wonderful day with you.

Holiday Sing-Along

12.23.08 ~ CrossRoads, Framingham

Daycare had a holiday sing-along today before the holiday break. I attended the sing-along and then dropped L at home with Dave for the afternoon. Here are some photos from today. Yes, L is looking a bit tired. She's been waking up at 4AM and didn't have her morning nap today.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

First Snow

12.21.08 ~ L, Framingham

L's first major snow event called for a stroll in the neighborhood. We had a blast.

Squeaky Clean

12.15.08 ~ Framingham

There's a stomach bug going around day care and L has had since Friday. Day care called today so I had to go pick her up which means she has to stay home for 24 hours (day care policy). Her pediatrician thinks it at the tail end. L has a lost a little weight since her appointment on the 1st but nothing that alarms her doctor. Also, L continues to play and does not seem dehydrated so we were sent home with recommendations of trying Pedialyte and FlorastorKids. I couldn’t get either into L. She refuses to eat solids or drink out of a bottle.

Our washing machine has not stopped running since Friday and all of L’s clothes has yellow staining all along the back. It seems that every time I turned away L had pooped...she's squeaky clean though as is my couch after it received a good wash with bleach. On top of all this, I think L's teething. I can see something starting to come through.


This one is for L's Godparents. Disclaimer, watching this video may result in the need to squeeze those chubby cheeks, may cause motion sickness and in L's Godmother's case, the urge to cut the tag off.


12.10.08 - Framingham

It’s been two years since I had an eye exam. I went to see my optometrist yesterday since my eye sight seems to be getting worse since I’ve had L. Myth or not...who knows. It could be true or my eyes are blurry from the lack of sleep. In any case, I was glad I went. Dr. A told me about a program he participates in called InfantSee. Infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months can receive a free comprehensive eye exam to detect potential eye and vision problems. I’m spreading the word to all those new mothers (there are many, Congratulations to All) out there who may want to have their baby’s eyes check. There’s information on this program at Infantsee or the American Optometric Association (AOA).


12.06.08 ~ L, Framingham

This morning L was patiently waiting for me to get our things together for daycare and work which was a big departure from yesterday. L seems to be doing well sleeping through the night. This morning she woke up from an almost 12 hour sleep to a dark room. If she could talk, she would say, I do not like dark rooms. I could hear her fuss and once she realized where she was started her normal morning routine…babbling to herself, staring at her hands and looking up at her mobile. Once downstairs a cloth keep her busy while I got ready for work.

Yesterday was a different story. Dave came down stairs with L in tow just as I got out of the shower…apparently L had been crying. I nursed L where she proceed to tear my outfit apart (the collar of the shirt had a bow) and every time her Dad entered the room, she would pull away from nursing and look at him. I tried to get her to focus…that didn’t work. So, we moved on to the next thing, solids. She started to eat and 5 mi…

Sleep Over Food?

12.07.08 ~ L at dinner time

L fell asleep at dinner last night. The need for sleep finally hit her. I must have worn her out from Christmas shopping yesterday. Dave refers to L as being strung out on life...she just crashes after days of no naps.

The 10 minute power nap during dinner seemed to work for L. She was cranky after we got home from shopping. Once she had the nap, she was ready to go again…smiling during her bath.

Letting L cry it out last week worked (for the most part). The beginning of the week was hard because she put up a really good fight: kicking off her blanket, turning on her sides and back, banging on the rails of her crib and even grunting at me when I tried to adjust her. I’m told the banging is heredity, L’s Ong Noi loves that L is following in her father’s foot steps. By Thursday, she was sleeping 12 hours and on Saturday had taken a 2 hour nap mid-morning. Last night, L was back to her normal sleeping pattern of every three hours. We’ll continue to work on sleep…

6 Month Birthday

L on 11.30.08

L turned 6 months today...I can hardly believe it. I may need to stop at BabiesRUs after work and get her a 6 month birthday present.

We nearly missed her 6 month wellness appointment on Monday. I thought it was today, but when I arrived at work on Monday (late as usual) and checked my calendar I went into over drive. Some work had to be completed before the appointment and day care needed to be notified. When we arrived at the doctor's office it was already backed up. Reminder to not make an appointment the day after a holiday (especially after a long weekend).

L has not gained much weight since her last appointment. She weighed 17 pounds and 11 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. She's at 80% for her age group down from 90% at her last check up. At the appointment we discussed her weight, bowel movements, food/formula, medication, her development and lack of sleep (waking up every 3 hours).

Weight - we should start to see it her slow down in her weight gain…

Lyla's Thanks

We're back from our trip to was three days of visiting, giving thanks and remembrance. It was nice to see our families and have them get to know L. We take day trips to Maine and this was the first over night trip since L was born. She did amazingly well at bed time but naps were few and far between. L was showered with love and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as she loved all the attention she also need her own time and space.

Thanksgiving Day morning was spent at Ba Nguoi's (Nguyen) house and the after noon was at Ong and Ba Noi's (Hill) house. L just glowed when she saw Ba Nguoi. She smiled and smiled getting excited every time Ba Nguoi talked to her and helped her walk (she's not walking yet but loves to have her feet on the floor mimicking a walk). This was all on top of showing off how strong she is. L just knows what makes her grandparents happy.

At Ba and Ong Noi's house L got met her Aunt Shannon and bonded with everyone at the house (mostly …