Lyla's Thanks

We're back from our trip to was three days of visiting, giving thanks and remembrance. It was nice to see our families and have them get to know L. We take day trips to Maine and this was the first over night trip since L was born. She did amazingly well at bed time but naps were few and far between. L was showered with love and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as she loved all the attention she also need her own time and space.

Thanksgiving Day morning was spent at Ba Nguoi's (Nguyen) house and the after noon was at Ong and Ba Noi's (Hill) house. L just glowed when she saw Ba Nguoi. She smiled and smiled getting excited every time Ba Nguoi talked to her and helped her walk (she's not walking yet but loves to have her feet on the floor mimicking a walk). This was all on top of showing off how strong she is. L just knows what makes her grandparents happy.

At Ba and Ong Noi's house L got met her Aunt Shannon and bonded with everyone at the house (mostly Aliza). L has a big sister and she doesn't even know it. Aliza was a big help with L. She feed L and kept her company but by the end of the night L needed her own space to just play at her own pace.

On Saturday, we had our annual remembrance for L’s Ong Nguoi. Again everyone showered L with love and wanting to hold her. While at the cemetery L slept in the car and back at the house she loved giving her cousin Myles, 15 months old, kisses.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If L could talk she would be saying:
I am over my stranger anxiety
I loved my morning and evening walks with Ba Noi
I love Balto…watching him and keeping track of him
I loved having my own space
I love being surrounded by family…meeting and seeing all my aunts and uncles
I have so much to give thanks for this year


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