Leaves Again

11.1.08 ~ L watching Dad as he picks up the leaves

It's that time again...raking leaves. This year we had helped. I came home from the grocery store today to find that our neighbor, Craig had blown our leaves in three piles. We have amazing neighbors. Everyone helps each other out.
We have:
  • the neighbor who takes our trash bin up to the house for us (we still haven't figure out who)
  • the neighbors who offer to watch L if we ever need it
  • the neighbor who widens the street when the town doesn't clear the snow very well
  • the neighbor who picks up our fallen branches and takes them to the town recycling center

The list goes on. Today we picked up 20 full bags of leaves and we'll have another 30 bags before the first snow falls. The task didn't seem so bad this year...yes; one because Craig did a lot of the work and two, L was there watching over us. She sat in her stroller and just watched us until she fell asleep.


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