11.12.08 ~ Dave in Puerto Rico

Dave is back from the Dominican Republic. He had a blast…how could I tell? I had to keep reminding him he had a sleeping child as he was telling me his adventures. The picture above is Dave with his friend’s family in Puerto Rico on his way to the Dominican Republic. Dave really enjoyed the beaches, the disco and the people.

Ba Noi came down and stayed with L for two days while Dave was away and I was attending a training course in Boston. Thank you, Ba Noi.

Ba Noi and L really bonded those two days. It was sweet to see them on the floor together or on the couch in L’s room reading a book. L now plays peek a boo something she first did with Ba Noi. What was even more wonderful was L didn’t cry when we went up to Maine that Saturday visiting with Ba and Ong Noi, Ba Nguoi, her uncles, cousins and my friend Cheryl. I hope L’s stranger anxiety has truly passed.

Life at home is slowly returning to normal since Dave came home. L is beginning to sleep again. L reverted back to her old habit of waking up every hour to hour and a half at night while Dave was away. Poor L, you can read it on her face when she hasn’t had enough sleep. She doesn’t fuss much from lack of sleep, but the rim of her eyes and cheeks get bright red. She gets that from her father. I’m sure she’ll get the love for travel as well.
11.20.08 ~ L before dinner


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