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11.12.08 ~ Dave in Puerto Rico

Dave is back from the Dominican Republic. He had a blast…how could I tell? I had to keep reminding him he had a sleeping child as he was telling me his adventures. The picture above is Dave with his friend’s family in Puerto Rico on his way to the Dominican Republic. Dave really enjoyed the beaches, the disco and the people.

Ba Noi came down and stayed with L for two days while Dave was away and I was attending a training course in Boston. Thank you, Ba Noi.

Ba Noi and L really bonded those two days. It was sweet to see them on the floor together or on the couch in L’s room reading a book. L now plays peek a boo something she first did with Ba Noi. What was even more wonderful was L didn’t cry when we went up to Maine that Saturday visiting with Ba and OngNoi, Ba Nguoi, her uncles, cousins and my friend Cheryl. I hope L’s stranger anxiety has truly passed.

Life at home is slowly returning to normal since Dave came home. L is beginning to sleep again. L rev…


Though we be separated by the whole wide world,
You are ever present in my mind. - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

I remember your favorite outfit - jeans and a sweater. I remember your favorite foods - mash potatoes and corn.I remember one of your favorite past times - watching movies.I remember your determined ways - setting Van straight.I remember your shyness around people and when I wasn't looking you blossomed.I remember...

Yumm Yumm Yumm

I'm amazed...the last two nights L slept for 12 hours straight. Our baby is growing so quickly. She talks non-stop now and this past week I put her in 12 month shirts. Did I mention she weighted 17.9 pounds at her last doctor's appointment (just last week)? Yes, it's true. I can't keep up with the sorting of her clothes so Dave continues to put her in clothes that do not fit. He loves to dress her in pink and tells me that pink is L's color. We'll need to transition L into a convertible car seat soon because her infant seat is getting small for her. The next two weeks are going to be crazy for us. I will be attending training in Boston next week and Dave is headed to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R. Ba Noi will be coming down to stay with us for a few days to help us out. Enjoy the video of L laughing at the me saying, "Yumm Yumm Yumm."

First Presidential Election

Dave and I rushed home from work so we could get to the polls. We never vote on an empty stomach…I should rephrase that, Dave never votes on an empty stomach. We all had dinner; L got a bath and was in her sleeper by 6:30pm.

L is talking a lot now. It was non-stop babbling until she fell asleep five minutes later and slept the whole time we were at our polling station.

Leaves Again

11.1.08 ~ L watching Dad as he picks up the leaves

It's that time again...raking leaves. This year we had helped. I came home from the grocery store today to find that our neighbor, Craig had blown our leaves in three piles. We have amazing neighbors. Everyone helps each other out.
We have: the neighbor who takes our trash bin up to the house for us (we still haven't figure out who)the neighbors who offer to watch L if we ever need itthe neighbor who widens the street when the town doesn't clear the snow very well the neighbor who picks up our fallen branches and takes them to the town recycling center
The list goes on. Today we picked up 20 full bags of leaves and we'll have another 30 bags before the first snow falls. The task didn't seem so bad this year...yes; one because Craig did a lot of the work and two, L was there watching over us. She sat in her stroller and just watched us until she fell asleep.