Full Weekend

9.11.08 ~ L patiently waiting for Mom

Last weekend L and I headed north for Aliza's birthday party and this weekend we headed south for Minh's baby shower. L did much better today but still had some anxiety. We arrived and she wasn't very comfortable so I tried to feed her but that didn't last long because I had to put a blanket over her and she was not liking it. I got my first, "you'll need to cover yourself." I don't mind covering myself but I was shocked by the way it was asked (I'm very discreet) and I wouldn't have done it in the halfway if there was a private area for me to feed L. We went for a walk along the water...she enjoyed being outside. L started to become herself again. We headed back to the party where I found a corner and fed L. She fell asleep for about 20 minutes, woke up and didn't mind all the people.

On Saturday, we headed to Vows to try on some bridal dresses for Van. L did so well...she slept for the first half of me trying on the dress and then sat in her seat for the second part just looking at the sales woman who kept coming in to look at her. On our way home, she started to cry so I stopped in a parking lot in Newton to see what the problem was. Well, L wanted a diaper change and then she wanted to eat. So I feed her in the car in the CVS parking lot. I never realized I would be so comfortable feeding my child in public.

Tonight we tried solids again (our fifth attempt in seven days). L is still not to trilled with the rice cereal but loves the carrots. We were surprised she didn't like solids at first seeing she is very content watching us eat. Enjoy the video....be aware it's 5 minutes long.


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