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I Can Feed Myself

10.30.08 - L feeding herself

Yes, two posts in one's Halloween...strange things occur. I received this photo from daycare today and had share it. Our baby is getting strong and growing so quickly. When the daycare director mentioned to me this morning that L was holding her bottle I couldn't picture it (L is nursed when she's at home). Seeing this picture makes my heart melt...okay, everything about L makes my heart melt.

First Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone


L & Dad

L seems to be teething now. She wants to chomp down on anything she can get her hands on. It doesn’t matter what it is – her dad's hands, my face, a toy and her favorite, the burp clothe. She’ll stick anything in her mouth to the point where she’s gagging. I’m constantly telling her to be careful. What does she do?…she stops what she is doing, looks at me and just grins.

On top of the teething, I called L’s pediatrician yesterday to ask them questions about L’s cold and they told me to bring her in. Poor L has viral bronchiolitis…which is a long word for it's an infection we can’t do anything about, but to let it run its course.

Tissue Please

While Dave would be horrified to know I posted this photo of our beautiful baby. I had to share this moment because I laugh every time I think about. Of course, I'm snapping away and didn't realize I had taken a photo of L with bubbles coming out of her nose until I viewed all the photos last night. Poor L has another cold if I didn't mention it in an earlier posts.
Last night as I was viewing the photos from this weekend, I came across the photo above. I asked Dave to come and take a look. His response, "Poor Precious, it's so gross it makes me want to go blow my nose right now."
Did I also mention that L's got Dave wrapped around her finger?!? He's a goner when it comes to her.

All Cheeks

Yesterday I was tired, I fell asleep on the way home from daycare...did I tell you my house is five minutes away from daycare.

After my 30 minute power nap and Mommy changed my dirty clothes, I was on the move again. I wanted some tummy time. I had a lot of tummy time at daycare this week. It's making me very strong. I'm rolling over...I'll be able to reach Aidan soon. Aidan is one of my best class mate. He's a year older, but he likes to hang out with me. I make him laugh according to my teacher.
I went to bed early last night. I had a great night according to Mommy. I only woke up once last night. Mommy was very proud of me. I told you I was tired. Today, I wrote up with a bad cold...I was congested but it didn't seem to bother me too much. We had a busy day...I had to run errands with Mommy and Daddy. We got new tires and brakes on the VW....daddy wants us to be safe. Then I went to Target, Old Navy and Wholefoods with Mommy. After our shopping trip, I played whi…

Let's Eat

9.15.08 ~ I love to eat

L really loves to eat...she either wants to help me because I'm obviously not feeding her quick enough, playing with the her bib or trying to stick her fingers in her mouth. We're still on rice and carrots and may try the squash next. Whatever the next vegetable may be I know L will be wearing it.

Full Weekend

9.11.08 ~ L patiently waiting for Mom

Last weekend L and I headed north for Aliza's birthday party and this weekend we headed south for Minh's baby shower. L did much better today but still had some anxiety. We arrived and she wasn't very comfortable so I tried to feed her but that didn't last long because I had to put a blanket over her and she was not liking it. I got my first, "you'll need to cover yourself." I don't mind covering myself but I was shocked by the way it was asked (I'm very discreet) and I wouldn't have done it in the halfway if there was a private area for me to feed L. We went for a walk along the water...she enjoyed being outside. L started to become herself again. We headed back to the party where I found a corner and fed L. She fell asleep for about 20 minutes, woke up and didn't mind all the people.
On Saturday, we headed to Vows to try on some bridal dresses for Van. L did so well...she slept for the first half of m…

Orange Week

9.07.08 ~ L at daycare on orange day, bandanna provided by CrossRoads (photo taken by CrossRoads)

It's orange week in the toddler's room at CrossRoads this week. Tuesday was wear something orange day. While L is not a toddler she gets to participate (some what). I dressed her in orange on Tuesday but as always L goes through at least two changes of clothes each day so she's in green in the photo (except for the cute?!?). She either poops through her pants or drools through her bib. Dave can't believe how much clothes she goes through...every few days he is doing a load her of laundry.

4 Month Wellness

9.6.08 ~ L trying solids

L had her four month wellness appointment today. L weighed 16 pounds today and is 25 inches long. Sleep dominated the conversation as it usually does and the doctor didn't seem surprised with L's weight gain. L's pediatrician typically recommends solids at 6 months but thought it would be good in L's case due to her weight gain and the number of times L is getting up at night.
Tonight we tried rice cereal. L did not enjoy it...her expressions were priceless.

If your wondering, L had a melt down with the doctor. As soon as her pediatrician started talking to her she started to cry. It seems L has stranger anxiety.

Aliza's Party

10.05.08 ~ L asleep coming home

L and I went to Aliza's 5th birthday party today. The trip started out nice...L slept on the way up to Manchester. As I feared (with hope L was past this stage), L was calm for 10 minutes and then started crying and nothing would calm her. She had moments of calm watching Aliza and her friends play but it didn't last long. In the end, we just got right back in the car and headed home.

L seemed just fine the moment she was in her car seat and was happy and smiling once we got home. We're off to another party next week. I hope it gets better.

Happy Birthday Aliza.
10.5.08 ~Tummy time at home

Color Me Orange


To celebrate the first day of October I put L in an orange and white outfit. It's probably the only time that orange is in. L was not into photos this morning. All she wanted to do was watch tv. What amazes me is she's now in 6 to 9/12 month clothes...last week she weighted 15.10 pounds. L's doubled her weight at 3 months and 3 weeks.