Tired L

8.29.08 ~ Sleeping L after tiring Dad

Since we didn't have daycare last week we had a sitter for L. On Friday, Dave came home at 1Pm because the sitter had to leave early and I needed to get alittle more work done. I came home to a tired husband and a sleeping baby.

Yesterday, we went up to Maine to visit the family. We started at Ong and Ba Noi's house and ended there. Lyla fussed and cried almost the whole time we were there so we cut the day short. Right before we left for home L was calm and when we got home she was all smiles. With L happier being home we went grocery shopping and right before bed L was still smiling and being playful (making us laugh). We can only hope that she becomes a better traveler.

8.31.08 ~ L & Ba Noi


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