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Even though L's been sick lately, she still enjoys singing and talking. Enjoy the video taken on Saturday. It makes me smile every time I watch it.



Trying to find time to blog has been nearly impossible lately. Not just blogging, but time to organize (clean), write those over due thank you cards or even workout. Everything is about L now (I’m sure many of you moms are chuckling at my last statement).

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks at the Hill home….L got her first cold, I received a call from daycare that she had head to toe hives and the worst is that she has now gone from a great sleeper to a sleeper that wakes up every hour or so. I thought the days of getting up that often were behind me. Yet again, motherhood is one surprise after the other.

When I got the call that L had hives, I called the doctor’s office and they told us to bring her in. Dave picked L up and I met him along the way to the doctor’s office. We had concerns of getting there as it was during rush hour and in my rush to get there I forgot her diaper bag. By the time we got there the hives had disappeared and I’m sure the doctor was thinking, ‘Fi…


Tonight I came home to this...


9.13.08 ~ L drooling and ready for a nap after watching tv

It's been busy around here. I'm still adjusting to work, L continues to change everyday and Dave, well he just goes with the flow (for the most part).
This past weekend L has become very aware of the tv. L and her dad watched the Patriots game on Sunday. L has slowed her dad down. It's hard to imagine that a baby would slow anyone down but in Dave's case he's learning to just "veg" on the couch.


9.10.08 ~ L before daycare (click to view in larger format)

It seems L is adjusting well to full time day care. All the infant toddlers adore her...when I dropped L off at daycare this morning it was, "bye Lala's mom" and tonight it was "bye bye Lala." How cute is that, if only you could seen the little ones saying it.
L is typically the first to arrive at day care, but lately I've been arriving later. I try to let L sleep for as long as possible the last three days (which makes me late for work) and I'm rewarded with a big smile. It's true...all the sleep deprived nights doesn't matter when you're rewarded with a big smile in the morning.

Always Changeing

L is three months old and 1 week. Things she is good at:

9.7.08 ~ L (our little Budda) & Dad chatting



Sitting Up


Tired L

8.29.08 ~ Sleeping L after tiring Dad

Since we didn't have daycare last week we had a sitter for L. On Friday, Dave came home at 1Pm because the sitter had to leave early and I needed to get alittle more work done. I came home to a tired husband and a sleeping baby.
Yesterday, we went up to Maine to visit the family. We started at Ong and Ba Noi's house and ended there. Lyla fussed and cried almost the whole time we were there so we cut the day short. Right before we left for home L was calm and when we got home she was all smiles. With L happier being home we went grocery shopping and right before bed L was still smiling and being playful (making us laugh). We can only hope that she becomes a better traveler.
8.31.08 ~ L & Ba Noi