Two Month Wellness

L & Dad after her bath ~ 8.12.08

L had her 2 month wellness appointment yesterday. She now weights 11 pounds and 9 ounces and is 23 inches. That's a gain of 2 lbs and 1 1/5 inches. L did so well in the doctor's office. She only cried for a brief moment after the shots. She was tired after appointment and slept for most of the day into the night. She did fuss in the afternoon so we cuddled with her a little longer at bedtime. L was so tired she slept 7 1/2 hours last night before waking up for a feeding.

L going to be one of those babies who drools and spits up a lot. Lately, we've noticed an alarming amount of spit up (cuddled milk, mucous, even clear water,) so we brought up all the symptoms that L's been experiencing and her doctor thinks it's acid reflux (GERD). She's now taking medication to help with the acid reflux and it seems to be working...she just drools now (so cute).
L drooling and ready for bed~ 8.12.08


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