First Day of Daycare

An exhausted L after daycare ~ 8.01.08

The first day of daycare went really well. L was "lots of smiles"and an "angel." My fear that my child was a high need baby has been put to rest (granted she still has her moments and is changing each day). As her daycare providers writes, "Lyla had a good first day. She ate well and gave us a lot of smiles. She had a hard time sleeping. It's going to take time to get use to the new noises. She is an angel." Once I got L home, she played in her crib while I put things away and was asleep 30 minutes after her feeding. L was exhausted. She normally will sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 each morning and this morning I had to get her up (what a trooper).

It seems overnight L is growing out of her new born clothes. I chuckle at the thought...Dave gave L a bath and changed her into a sleeper. I don't remember when I realized that the sleeper was too short but I asked Dave if he noticed when he was changing L. Dave made the comment that she'll probably put a hole through the bottom by the morning with her kicking (her personality is really coming through).

L & Dad relaxing before dinner ~ 7.030.08


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